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Breast Implant Surgery Information. Silicone Breast Implants, India

BY: Swati | Category: Women | Post Date: 2008-11-12

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The Breast Implant Surgery procedure has taken India by a storm. The confident Indian women popular for their shy and conservative attitude are increasingly becoming more confident and expressive. Girls in bigger cities like New Delhi are ever increasingly aware of various cosmetic surgery procedures including Breast Implants. In certain cases girls as young as 13 to 15 years of age start imagining "big boobs" to complement their figure. Not everyone wants Pamela Anderson look, most just want their breast size to be large enough to be noticeably prominent. Cost of Breast Implant Surgery in India in a good hospital is about 75 thousand to 1.5 lakhs rupees (compared to about $10,000 in countries like United States). Girls should not think about this Breast enlargement procedure before 18 years of age (or 22 years or more) because there is always a possibility of their breasts becoming bigger naturally anyways. It is always recommended to get the procedure done through a reputable and experienced plastic surgeon even if their cost is slightly more than others.

Main reasons why girls go for Breast Implants:

* Media: By looking at hot models, sexy actresses and other popular celebrities. Media projects women with big boobs as sexy.

* To Attract Boys: Most boys, especially during teenage and twenties are attracted torawrds women with bigger breasts.

* Peer pressure: Girls having big boobs often boast indirectly about the extra attention they get because of their large breast size which lead to a inferiority complex among others.

* Professional reasons: Girls working in glamarous industries where having a perfect figure is important may go for Breast Implant Surgery as well. Celebrities, Air hostesses and Models may also undergo this procedure.

* Birth defects: Rare, but some girls are born with significant difference in breast sizes and may be too much flat-chested.

* Accidents and diseases: Due to accidents mishaps and other surgical procedures (like breast cancer), women may want to get their breasts back into shape.

* Some rich mothers think that what they could not get done for themself should not happen to their daughter.

How long does the surgery take?
About 2-4 hours in most cases under general anesthesia, sometimes your plastic surgeon may recommend you stay overnight. Breast Implant surgery is not very painful although swelling and the scar may take a while to go away. Swelling may take a week to go away while scar may take 6 weeks to several months to fade.

Different incision options:
Depending on the shape of your breast and procedure requested, your plastic surgeon may select one of the following options while also considering which option will leave the least obvious scar. Implants are usually inserted between the chest muscle and the breast tissue or totally below the chest muscle.

* Periareolar: Cut is made around the nipple.
* Inframammary: The incision or cut is made within the breast fold.
* Transaxillary: Incision is made under the arm.

What is a Breast Implant made of?
The outher body or sac of the implant is made up of a rubber-like substance called silicone. It is later filled with silicone gel or saline. Generally Saline breast implants give a firmer feel while silicone gel breast implants resemble more like breast tissue and give a more soft and natural feel. Silicone Gel Breast Implants require a slightly large cut in most cases. In all cases your socmetic / plastic surgeon is the best person to suggest what is better for you.

Some disadvantages or side effects of Breast Implants:
In some cases Breast Implant surgery MAY cause infection, excessive bleeding, unwanted scarring, inconvenience in breast feeding, fluid collection, breast pain and reduced breast sensation. Breast implants can rupture and require replacement or removal every 10-15 years. Sometimes the results are not exactly up to your expectations. Most men find breast implants unattractive. You will always hear some horror stories about them, making you even more nervous. Its best to not go for artificial "big boobs" unless you really have to.

Well I am not a doctor, therefore please consult your doctor before going to any cosmetic or plastic surgeon. Do your own research.

The best Breast Implant Surgery Video that I found:

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