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Branding and Marketing of Indian Movies

BY: Vikram | Category: Business and Finance | Post Date: 2010-02-20

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Movies are the great Pastime for Indians .Movies Now-a-days impacting a lot on the society . The way the movie has made is really matters a lot. The competition is too high in each sector,even in the Entertainment(movies) too.

Audience, are only looking for movies which are really Paisa Vasool (i.e the best for their spend on ticket). So, if at all the movie has made good enough with normal stardom also need to take care of its promotions.

So,the marketing is everywhere. The way marketing is going in the movie industry is in a different path. For producers its not only spending the money for movies, they have to spend a lot on promotions before release.So,in India for different movie industry people have different Strategies,Depending upon their audience.

So,if we are talking about Bollywood ,The marketing is Completely Different .Because the audience for the movie is all over India and Overseas too. So,looking at that Scenario they need to take care of their Branding and Promotional activities in a different manner.

In the Olden days there was not much of Competition in the Industry. But due to the increase in technology,no.of channels,and Different kinds of expectations from audience has increased the anxiety in movie industry. A movie is going to be a blockbuster if and only if it meets the expectations of audience.

So its always a Dilemma for Producers & Directors to make the movie with Hit stars or to look at the Story.Because,if they are going to make with Good Stars they are going to get Return on Investment. So , Taking all these in account Producers and Actors are working more on Heavy promotions and Marketing to make the audience aware of the movie,& to attract them before it gets released.

So,the marketing plays a tough role. To get a brand name for the movie , it may be a work from Actors or Heavy Promotions. So,How does the Branding Comes into light? if it is Bollywood, then it may be in a different way.

If we Discuss on it,then Starting with the Marketing Strategy of great actor Mr.Perfect i.e Aamir Khan . He did his promotions for the Movies Ghajini and 3Idiots in a perfect manner.His style of Hair Cut has got a good name before the release of Ghajini. His Physique for the movie what he worked out has also its impact on movie lovers. He worked very hard for it.And he took long time to release the movie after audience get to know about his appearance in the movie. So which made the moviegoer more exciting. and at the end of the day when the movie released it was a Blockbuster. Then again a transformation in the physique for the next movie 3idiots where he was acting as a college student. He visited to different places in different appearances ,so that public was not able to recognize him. if anybody comes to know about him then by meeting him they were getting more excited.

So,by doing all these type of promotional activities with good story in the movie, he made himself as Mr.perfect. and audience now in such kind of expectations that his movies will be with good story and entertainment.Apart from this in one of the premiere show, Actress Vidya Balan has appeared in the same Costume as that of she has done in the Movie ISHQIYA,So all these are for the Awareness and to create a brand for the movie .

And if we discuss about south Indian movies,then they have their own ways to attract audience. The Actors,Directors and Last but not least Producers do the promotions in a very different manner.

if it is Andhra Pradesh, where there is a huge love for movies and Actors including me, has their own way to attract public.so they arrange a Audio release function before the movie release . They release the audio songs of the movie with the gathering of fans and their favorite actors . They gather there to have a glance of their favorite actor. Some times the audio is released with some schemes and awards. Before release of the audio Songs also ,they put some kind of programs in the TV channels to attract the public.So there is always a hype for the movies of great actors.

Apart from these ,Most of the Stars Participate in Interviews and different kind of Serials to promote their movies before and after the release of the movie. Excluding all these they do promotions through Wall posters,Trailers in TV, Theaters, Posters at the back of Auto rickshaws , On tickets etc. They do a function by calling as Success Meet again to a have a brand image and to have get together for their success.

So there are different ways of marketing for the movie industry people in each State and India .So to create a brand and to promote the movie they really work very hard towards the Success of the movie.

So , From all these it can be said as "Marketing Plays a tough role for the Success of the Movie".

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