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Brain Training - Play brain games to mind your sharp and agile

BY: chitracs | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2008-09-16

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The researchers say that we are not using our brain fully. Our brain is monitoring daily bodily functions to maintain body balance for survival. The normal work we perform is done by using about 40% of our brain. The mental exercises help a lot in brain training. The creative thoughts and stimulation fine tune our brain activities. When we train our brain to perform multiple tasks at the same time, we will become the smartest persons in the world.

What are different brain training methods:
The human brain has an enormous capacity for calculation, reasoning and memory. Daily we have to do some activities to keep our mind sharp and agile, by which our intuition ability, analytic ability and calculating ability will increase. The games such as Sudoku, crossword help for mental improvement. The brain training helps to reason and solve problems by using acquired knowledge. The video games help to train the brain to focus, and to reduce the number of slow-moving brainwaves and increase the number of fast ones.

There are online brain training methods available to increase brain activities and make the brain sharp while doing a task. By brain training, we can learn many new things. Some people might have been affected with less vision, deficiency in hearing and inability to read, understand, write. They may have problems such as under-achievement, low self esteem and isolation from social activities. The brain train activities help them to recover to normal position.

What really happens inside the brain:
The brain training strategy demands of using different parts of our brain at a time. The alpha linolenic acid and docosahexaenoic acid activate the brain cells sharply. The omega-3 fatty acids help for prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The amino acids and proteins contribute to cerebral functions. The biofeedback therapy is used for brain training of patients to relieve from stress and addiction to alcohol. By this brain training method, the trained patients are able to alter brain activity, body tension, blood pressure, muscle tension and other bodily functions using signals from their own bodies.

What are the uses of brain training:
The brain training fine tunes our thoughts and self-awareness. By brain training the habit of self regulation increases since there is refreshment for mind and body. The Corporate executives, policy makers, media and the public are also interested in learning about brain fitness and training. New tools and methods are emerging everyday for brain training. The emphasis on brain maintenance is increasing day by day. The software engineers are interested in brain training activities since they perform mental work a lot. Brain training is added to corporate wellness and leadership initiatives. As our age increases, to keep up our brain healthy physical exercise, mental exercise and stress management are essential. The brain health is important for leading a happy life.

Some popular websites for brain training are:
Brainwaves - http://www.brainwaves.com
Brain Arena - http://www.brainarena.com/
Brain Metrix - http://www.brainmetrix.com/
Sharp Brains - http://www.sharpbrains.com/
Braingle - http://www.braingle.com/
Games for the brain - http://www.gamesforthebrain.com/

From the childhood, we should train the children to use the brain fully by reasoning and learning. The adults should always engage in physical and mental activities. The brain training is essential for all ages.

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