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Brain Drain from India

BY: shivi | Category: Education | Post Date: 2008-06-02

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Brain drain- To put it in simpler language means the people who study in their own nation and after study they go to foreign countries to work and earn money.

Brain drain has actually become a problem and a subject of worry for the under developed and developing countries like INDIA. 70% Students in these countries think that there are much better opportunities outside India to work but they forget that this act actually is effecting the per capita income and hence the National income. Students study here, take all the knowledge from their native countries and when it comes to do something in their nation and add to the nations income they go abroad saying that INDIA does not have career opportunity.

These students who go to foreign nations to earn should understand that for all the social evils that are prevailing in the society like poverty, hunger etc they are responsible somehow or the other because instead of developing their own nation they take their studies to another nation and add to the national income of that country where on the other hand in countries like India the eating and consuming population keeps increasing while the earning and contributing population lessens due to this BRAIN DRAIN.

Indians ..specially the youth has to understand that today India is no less than any other country in the world...India has made drastic advancement in all spheres be it science and technology(astronauts like Kalpana Chawla), education, entertainment (bollywood is world famous), employment ( why not there are so many MNC's and BPO's which employ thousands of youth) and yes not to forget the recent organising of the IPL(the Indian premiere league...first ever in the world).

Then why do we need to go out of this wonderful nation and work under and employer of another nation who does not even understand the INDIAN CULTURE and INDIAN beauty. We dont have to go and eat at our neighbours house when our own mom cooks such delicious food then why go to any other country to work when our own country provides us such wonderful job opportunities. we just need to search a little more and do a little more hard work and then one day all Indians would be employed according to their capabilities and INDIA WILL BE THE GOLDEN BIRD OF OUR DREAMS ONCE AGAIN.

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About Author / Additional Info: shivani sharma jai hind

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brain drain
yes i feel the same we had to lot of oppurtunities here in india and we are looking for foreign countries...! we have to serve the country...may b we r not a part political or social movements..let us be a part of india..do jobs here and utilize our talent to our nation...money is not a matter but relations value more..! LET US ESTABLISH STRONG BOND AND RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR NATION......
Lavanya 2009-12-11
solah aane sach
ya dats really true n needs gr8 attention of govt.as well as youth. infact after the atrocities on indians by british n aust.students indians rather shud stop going abroad n v shall gat a bright india wid 99% literacy
mehak anand 2009-12-11
brain drain as evil..
this is indeed a very strong topic to think bout..we must stop n take necessary steps to start india progress!!
bhoomika 2009-12-07
Very Very true !!
It is really true and a very sad thing happening in India. Without brain drain India would have been a developed country long ago.
sowrabh kulkarni 2009-10-17
i m really impressed by ur views n they r so true..its really d youth which ve 2 understand d importance...really gud n keep it up!!
Aartika 2009-10-11
ur article is just superb! it helped me a lot!
vishnu 2009-10-07
these articles are too tough to read by the students of 6 &7. i could read it &from my point of view this stuff is very nice. thank you
anubhav 2009-05-11

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