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Bloodshot Flame

BY: graham | Category: Others | Post Date: 2010-01-12

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David lay on the hillside by the creek watching the myriad of small paddle boats drifted by. As the little ones floated about playing in the water David indulged in the serendipity that was before him. Regrettably the task that lie before him withheld it's ugly head. David left the creek that day so that he would not have to witness the tirade that would spontaneously plague the peaceful creek.

The demon of Coldgrove dwelt within him this year; this year he was the chosen one. David possessed the demon that each year chose one resident to fulfill the punishment for Coldgove's sins. Unaware of the enmity that was subdued within him David took the precautions that all Coldgrove residents took each year. He locked his doors, nailed boards unto the windows and capped the chimney. But when the demon came for him all the locks, nails and wood in the world would be inutile, for the demon was a beast whom lay dormant in all of the residents of Coldgrove.

The clock struck five a.m. No one in the village was asleep, they were all ready for the impervious attacks of the demon. Although they knew his enterprise was not one of malevolence but rather of necessity, they still appalled the grotesque demon will all their aptitude. The clock struck five a.m. Mist still hovering in the small village David came running out, no longer belonging to the village but to the demon, he ran caring with him a broken tree stump alit with bloodshot flame. To the forest and to the crops, soon the village was ablaze. Families scrambled to break through their once secure fortresses; the trees clamored as the beautiful flame engrossed them. The demon left David and he fell to his knees as he began to realize the monstrosity he had created. Unable to formulate his next move he sat there, head in his hands, filled with contrite for the actions he had induced with his own hands. David once again belonged to the village.

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