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Blind screen trick - System boots correctly but without any display.

BY: Guest | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2009-12-20

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Written By: K.Marouf

During my experience in computer maintenance, I have often come across cases where I had to use some tricks and techniques rather than tools apprehended at the university. Among these tips, let me share one of them which saved me in more than a dozen cases.

Suppose you are faced with a computer that someone brings it for help or as part of the computers you maintain. And this PC does not display anything on screen. A simple diagnostic shows that the system boots correctly but without any display (keyboard led Num works, seeing the hard drive activity, etc. ..). You are handling a blind situation where you need to get away without reinstalling the operating system. Above all, how these situations can happen?

Here are a few cases:

1. You have a graphic card with TV output, you activate the TV output as the main display or your system boots with the default TV output. You are unable to get the signal on your TV. How to restore your display to the PC screen without seeing anything?

2. You increase the display resolution (1280x1024 for example) and the monitor begins to flicker or displays (Out of sync) because it does not support this resolution too high. How to get back to the old mode (800x600 by example) if you can not boot into Safe Mode?

3. Your video card is out of work. You install a second graphic card, if your system keeps using the old one and you're unable to get to the Windows safe mode.

4. You install a bad driver for your VGA card and restart. Your screen goes blank and you want to uninstall this driver.

There may be other cases but I think the situation is clear at this level. Now, how to solve this problem without having to reinstall Windows and lose its profile and its softwares?

The only solution that saved me in more than a dozen cases is certainly not conventional but still works!
I say my monitor works. How? I work only with the keyboard. How?
Make sure to follow, I will, for example, uninstall the VGA driver in Windows XP:

1. I start my computer
2. I know that at this level the system is loaded but I see blank on blank, no problem!
3. I type

Keystroke Press it 'n' times Where am I?
Up Arrow 5 Settings
Right Arrow 1
Enter 1 Control Panel
's' 'y' 's' 't' 1 (quickly) System icon
Enter 1 System properties
Right Arrow 2 device
Enter 1 Device Manager
'd' 'i' 's' 'p' 1 (quickly) Display adapter
Right Arrow 1
Down Arrow 1 Video Driver
Del Key 1
Enter delete
Windows Key 1 Start
Up Arrow 1 ShutDown
Enter 1
'r' 1 Restart

4. At this moment, your computer restarts, wait a moment
5. Your computer starts in standard VGA standard mode, your display is restored!
6. and voila!

This situation can be reproduced for all situations. Just be clever and rigorous.

Question: How do I know what I have to type?
1. Your job is maintenance, you create a set of lists as appropriate and you keep them in case,

2. You have another PC running XP that works properly and you copy the step by step maneuvers,

3. You call a friend and he tells you the keys to type

In any case, I do not pretend that this is the only and best way, but very modestly, this trick saved from the gang in several unexpected cases during my career. I wanted to share this little experience hoping it will help someday someone.

I am a computer systems engineer working as project chief manager at COSIDER Algeria. I develop softwares, maintain computers, train people and all what is related to handy jobs.

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