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Best remedy for Chapped Lips. Natural ways to treat dry chapped lips.

BY: Swati | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2009-09-13

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Millions of people all across the world suffer from dry, cracked, bruised, swollen and chapped lips. Lips get chapped especially during the cold-dry weather because the natural moisture from our lip skin gets sucked out. It is not just our lips, but during the cold-dry season, our entire skin seems to get dry, particularly those areas which are exposed to the open air. In some cases dry chapped lips can also be caused because of excessive sun exposure.

Natural ways and remedies for treating chapped lips:

1. Moisturize your dry lips:
Frankly, when your lips are dry, the best thing you can do is to apply lip balm. Chapstick is one of the most popular brands. Some brands also have sunscreen in them which provide an additional protection against sun damage. Different brands suit different people, for example I know some people like Mary Kay lip balm only . You can apply a thin coating or lip balm and reapply each time you feel that your lips are getting dry. Typically, you will apply lip balm on your dry chapped lips about 4-5 times a day. Many people prefer Burt's Bee Balm over Chapstick because it contains more natural products like vitamin E, lanolin, peppermint oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, rosemary extract and comfrey root extract. By far among all the natural cures for dry lips, applying a balm is the most effective solution for chapped lips. Most lipsticks these days also contain moisturizers, therefore selecting a lipstick which has more natural substances and moisturizers may work out equally well.

2. Drink water and eat nuts:
Drinking plenty of water at regular intervals hydrates our body. Eating nuts in moderation can be beneficial for the body since they contain several natural oils. Drinking water helps to hydrate skin cells, in fact our ability to retain moisture decreases as we age.

3. Do not lick your lips:
Most people try to constantly lick their lips thinking it will moisturize their lip skin. Although licking lips may seem to hydrate lips for a while but as our saliva dries up, it leaves our lips even more dry and chapped.

4. Add vitamins to your diet:
Lack of many vitamins like Vitamin E, B-complex, iron and zinc can also contribute towards increased dryness. In most cases doctors recommend taking 1 multivitamin a day.

5. Avoid breathing with an open mouth:
People who breathe with open mouth during the day or while sleeping usually experience dry lips because the volume of air passing though the lips steals all the precious moisture.

6. Using Humidifier in dry conditions:
Humidifier increases the humidity level in your house, thus reducing the damage caused by dry air to your lips.

7. Dry lips may be because of allergy or a disease:
Number of people experiencing chapped lips increases during seasonal allergy season. Some lip diseases or infections can also leave your lips chapped.

8. Reduce your trips outside home in dry and cold weather. Prevention is better than cure.

9. Acne medications (not all):
Dry lips can be because of some medication you are taking. Some acne medications can cause dry lips too. Sometimes a high fever may also result in dry lips.

10. Be patient:
Chapped lips can take time to heal, sometimes weeks. Avoid lip kisses and eating hot-spicy food as they may increase your irritation later.

11. Avoid smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol:
Smoking can leave your lips dry and scaly. A history of a skin disorder such as eczema can also be behind your chapped lips.

If the condition of your lips seems to get worse then contact your doctor. In worst cases it may be a bacterial infection or lip cancer. I am not a doctor.

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