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Best places to see in Australia - Tourist attractions of Australia

BY: Tim | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2009-08-06

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Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it has it all ranging from natural wonders to man made wonders. It is surrounded by water on all sides and has some of the best tourist attractions. Some of the best places to see in Australia are:-

Seeing the Sydney Harbor from the water with a boat tour is one of the must see things of Australia. It looks amazingly beautiful and clear from the water. It is also popular for its stunning opera house which is one of the most iconic images of Australia.

Uluru also known as Ayer rock is the most enormous rock of Australia that rises from plain ground and rises majestically towards the blue sky. Formed out of vertical layers of sand stone it is red in color. There are about 35 huge red rocks about an hour drive from this majestic rock which are of tremendous beauty and are also worth seeing.

This national park is said to be the largest national park of Australia comprising of the South Alligator River which is home to a large number of crocodiles. The park also is home to a large variety of insects, birds and animals. There are thousands of sites of Aboriginal art that have come through different eras. This a popular tourist attraction of Australia for nature and animal lovers.

The island is most popular for its diving and snorkeling activities. It consists of several good restaurants and hotels to simply relax and enjoy your vacation.

Situated on the rugged Freycinet Peninsula, Wineglass bay is so called due to its perfect shape. Beautiful white beaches with blue water with abundant water activities is what makes Wineglass Bay a desirable attraction of Australia.

Located at the end of Sunshine Coast, Noosa is one of the best paces to see in Australia since several celebrities own a home at its coast. The best thing to do around this place is to go for hiking, kayaking and enjoying the natural beauty of Australia

One of the most beautiful piece of natural beauty of Australia is known as "The Great Barrier Reef". It is said to be a place of the word's most extensive coral reef system consisting of over 3000 individual reefs. It has the most spectacular marine wilderness on this planet earth. It is also popular for Scuba diving.

Comprising of 74 islands that float like jewels, the Whitsunday Islands are popular for their unspoiled and untouched tropical beauty. Some of these islands are very well developed for tourism purposes but some of them are absolutely uninhabited whereas some are privately owned. These islands are a popular tourist attraction of Australia since they are surrounded by warm water. Whitehaven Beach is the most popular beach here.

This road had been constructed in order to pay tribute to the soldiers who gave their lives during world war I. The road runs along the side of the coastline giving spectacular views of the ocean. Large ocean waves and stormy weather have lead to the formation of the popular twelve Apostles. These are large limestone structures that were once attached to the shoreline but with time due to erosion got separated and now stand individually on the ocean floor.

This tourist attraction of Australia is considered to be made up of one of the most spectacular stretch of sandy beaches. Along with its beautiful beaches, it is also one of the top ten surfing places of the world. The area has inspired several artists and musicians who simply lay back and enjoy the beauty of the place.

Some of the other popular attractions and places to see in Australia are Bay of Fires, Cradle Mountain and Yarra Valley.

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