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Best places to go on a romantic date: Special Locations for romance.

BY: Jessica | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2009-09-04

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When it comes to romance nothing matters more than a great location. Couples may be highly romantic but without inducing a regular adventure and change, the excitement of romance starts to die out. Most couples like to meet in parks, restaurants or at each others house but soon enough the same monotonous ambiances start to take a toll. You need to constantly discover new places which will greatly enhance your intimate moments. You need to transform your romantic life in a way that you both wish that your life was always this way. Before your romance starts to go for a toss, let me try to throw some interesting ideas to spice up your romance. Following are some of the best locations to go on a romantic date.

1. Go for Wine Tasting:
You might have had drinks together in a restaurant or home, but have you ever thought about visiting a wine region, driving through the lush green grape plants with bunches of black, purple and green grapes hanging all around, and stopping in the middle of plantations at the tasting room. The server will pour white and red wine into your glasses, which you can enjoy with locally produced cheese. Some wines will taste sour, others sweet, dry and a bit bitter. The combination of food, wine and ambiance will likely leave you in a dreamland. The best time to go for wine tasting is during the harvest season.

2. Join a Dance Class:
Do you know Salsa? how about learning it now .. Together !! Dance has always played a vital role among humans. It is a symbol of happiness and togetherness. Learning intimate dances where couples get to coordinate, touch and swing in each others arms can boost your closeness like never before. You will also get an opportunity to hang out with other couples in the dance class creating a very energetic environment around you.

3. Take a Cruise:
Ask any expert, nothing beats a cruise ship experience among all special places for romance. Cruise is like a five star restaurant where you will be together for days in the middle of crisp blue ocean. Everyone in a cruise ship is loaded with a romantic and a joyful mood. You will be surrounded by a large variety of delicious food, dance floors, music, Jacuzzi, spa, casino, malls, massage parlors, games and a long list of entertaining events. Watching the moon from the window of your room and having intimate time is an experience of a lifetime. Cruise is no doubt a special place and for romance, it is likely the best location.

4. Beach:
Going to a beach on a warm sunny day, lying on sand or on a beach chair under the beach umbrella and sipping your favorite drink, playing beach games and rubbing sun screen on each others body with a slight massage is a great way to celebrate your togetherness. It is important to select a beach which is not too crowded, otherwise your privacy will go for a toss.

5. Mountains:
Mountains are always quite beautiful, spectacular and romantic, regardless you go in summers or winters. In summers you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery, play summer games, biking, climbing and hike around. In winters you can do skiing, play with snow, watch snow covered peaks, make snow-man and enjoy the fireplace in your hotel room. Many hotels offer vacation packages which include special activities for couples and honeymooners. You can really get 'steaming hot' on a mountain / hill station. Mountains provide a perfect romantic place where you can spend quality time together.

6. Go for Camping:
There is a natural connection between nature and romance. Camping is a very special place to share your moments of love. Most camp grounds are somewhat isolated from cities and located in forests. Setting up a tent and lying next to each other under the cover of tall trees and sparkling stars can be extremely romantic. You can add a bit of fire to your 'date' by starting a campfire. You can hike, cook, sleep together and share the ultimate closeness.

7. Rent a houseboat:
Rent a houseboat on a nearby lake and relax. The light waves of the lake will surely ignite your sensual feelings. Boat rides are delightful, relaxing and very romantic. Spend the night together, you can even carry a small portable video player. In the daytime catch fish and drink your favorite coolers. Take lots of pictures, you will never forget your romantic date on a houseboat.

8. Sunrise and Sunset:
Sunsets are most enjoying when you are sitting together on a rock, holding hands and experiencing the sunlight slowly fade away. Sunrise can be exceptionally romantic because most guys are quite aroused naturally during the early morning hours. Share a cup of coffee or tea. Girls really enjoy bed-tea and breakfast in the bed, so go an extra mile and serve your lady a warm breakfast.

9. Turn on the fireplace and candles:
Fire ignites more fires (true huh!), especially the romantic ones. No wonder candle light dinner, bonfire and candles are all symbols of a romantic date, regardless of the location.

10. There are several other special ideas like getting wet together in a rain, cooking together and pillow fighting. Sometimes it's fun to just pick up a car and go on a surprise date or an unknown location and explore things together.

Hope I did shower special locations to go on a romantic date which you can make use of. If you have more ideas which you would like to share, please leave your comment. Avoid using "adult" terms as this site will not accept those.

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