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Best excuses to take a day off from office| False excuses to skip work

BY: Jessica | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-08-14

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Come on, we all experience days when we want to "Bunk office" for no good reason, or may there is a reason but we do not want to tell our boss about it. Everyone does it, so if you are planning to take a day off once in a while, its normal. But, we need a convincing false excuse, something so good that our boss will believe it without a doubt. Well whatever you come up with, just take of three things before you come up with reasons to skip work.:

I. Sound very confident (or miserable or whatever) when telling your false excuse to the boss. The delivery part should be perfect, even if the excuse itself is not the best. Before talking to your boss, you have to sort of convince yourself that you really have that problem. The delivery part will automatically come perfect.

II. The excuse should be make sense because you have to go back to the office on the following day. Meaning, if you give excuse of being terminally ill today, then how can you show up in the office on the following day.

III. Prepare to answer some curious questions by people who have a habit of digging into your excuse the following day. Unfortunately, some people cannot mind their own business.

These are some of the best excuses for taking a day off from work. If you know more then please 'Post' your comments to make this list even useful for fellow OFFICE BUNKERS


1. Migraine headaches:
"Boss I an acute Migraine today .. My head hurts too badly and I feel dizzy .. I am sorry but I will not be able to come today. I have taken some medicines and now want to take rest".

You obviously have to sound "a bit" dull on phone. Whenever you give a false excuse related to your health then emphasize your symptoms and sound sick and miserable. Medical excuses work quite well well because most people will believe that your pain is real.

2. Food poisoning:
"Boss, I am down with diarrhea .. I think it's because the sea/chinese/mexican food I had yesterday .. My stomach hurts quite badly and there is no way I can come in .. I am taking pills and hopefully will feel better tomorrow".

3. The Contagious Cough or Cold:
"Boss, I have really bad cold/cough/flu with a slight headache/fever", Your boss will be thankful for not coming in and infecting other employees of even him. This is good if you want to take Friday off, so you can recover in the next few days (including weekend).

4. Back injury:
"Boss I was transferring some heavy boxes in my garrage and landed up spraining my back. I am in the bed right now with a hot water bottle on my back. If you don't mind, I am going to take it easy .. take some pain killers and rest at home."

5. (For women only) "I have really bad cramps."
Male bosses have no idea other than to believe you, and women bosses will obviously have sympathy.

6. Allergic reaction:
"Boss, I'm having an allergic reaction to <>, and I need atleast a day to recover from it". Explain a bit on how you got in touch with the allergy (ex: ate peanuts) and the symptoms you have now.

7. My eye glasses broke:
If you wear high powered eye-glasses and you need to wear them to do your work, and have been thinking to change it for a while, then today is your lucky day. "Boss, I broke my glasses while I was ___ , I need to get new glasses made urgently as I cannot work without them, I will have to see you tomorrow."

8. Took a wrong pill:
"Boss, take ___ pill every day, today I accidentally took a wrong pill and I feel dizzy. I think I should stay at home"

9. Sinus Infection:
The good thing is that it goes away in a couple of days but no one can tell that you have it.


10. Death of a friend or relative:
"Boss, a close friend of mine had this terrible accident yesterday (or was sick for a while) and died. I need to go the his Funeral. I will be in tomorrow"

11. House repair Emergency:
"Water leak", "Gas leak", "Geezer died", "Roofers are comming" and you are waiting for the repairman to arrive. The repair work should be urgent enough for you to get it fixed today itself.

12. Travel Issue:
"Your car fails to start", so you need to call a mechanic and get it fixed today.

13. Your neighbor got robbed:
The house next door was burglarized and the owner is a single old lady and has requested to help him manage the mess and take hem around (like police report, get broken window fixed etc..)

14. My wife/husband/child is extremely ill and I need to stay home and take care of them.

15. Your old aunt is in town and she has an emergency and has to go back. So you need to get the tickets done and drop her to the airport.

16. My child got in trouble at the school. I need to meet his teacher and the counselor for the same.

17. My driver's license expired and did not realize it until a cop pulled me over for a ___ reason. I need to take care of the fine and get a new/provisional drivers license today itself.

18. Unexpected work at charity / church / temple:
"Boss, I just got a call from my church, the person who usually takes care of ___ is out. Since they have ____ function today and they know I can do that work, they have requested me to come, so if you do not mind I want to go there and help them".

19. Tax issues:
"I got a call from my accountant, I had mistakenly done some tax blunder. So I need to go to my bank, then to accountant and then to the tax office to get it resolved .. I will see you tomorrow".

20. Child's daycare is closed today:
I got a call from your child's daycare center that they had an emergency and I will not be able to leave my child there. I will have to stay at home and watch him."

Well, it was really interesting to write these false excuses for taking a day off from office. Hope my boss never reads this article.

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Very nice article
Excellent, I can use many of them :D
Dan 2009-08-17

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