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Being Rich does not guarantee happiness, prosperity comes with stress.

BY: Bharat | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-08-25

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There is a wide misconception among people that being rich guarantee happiness in life. In fact people who are wealthy and rich are usually very stressed and almost always over-complicate their life. It is true that money can buy stuff (love and happiness to a certain extent), but prosperity certainly comes along with it's own set of issues, complexities, ambitions and competition.

People who do not have a lot of money (lower or middle class people), have only one objective in life i.e. to earn money. They have the support of their whole family behind them. They find happiness in small achievements in life. Even small outings like watching a movie together or going to an ice cream palour is a source of entertainment. The spending power in in this group varies, but not drastically. Family members in a middle class family usually tend to stick together in a mutual bond. Although they always wish they had more money, they try to achieve their target by making regular savings and avoiding unnecessary expenses. Children who grow up in this atmosphere learn many things in life like responsible spending, making sacrifices in life, competiting others with hard work and how to derive happiness from small things in life.

Contrary to the popular belief, being rich is not always good for you. Many people who have won lotteries in past land up ruining their life in a short time. Rich people do not just sit back and relax, they work even harder to earn more money. Once they have tasted success they work ruthlessly hard to achieve more things in life and often ignore more humanly happiness in life. Rich people are always the most unsatisfied people. These people forget the importance of having fun in life over small things. For them entertainment means being a member of exotic clubs, drinking alcohol or by taking elaborate vacation trips. They try to buy happiness rather than finding it. Their children do not feel importance of money their parents spend of them, because they have never seen lacking it. Children fight among each other for getting a bigger share of their parents estate or business. Everything that happens in the family is one way or the other tied to spending money and getting things done. Most rich people are not too gentle or courteous. They feel that since they have more money, they are a class apart and expect a preferential treatment everywhere.

I am not saying that happiness gets killed by prosperity, there are people who know how to remain happy regardless they are wealthy or not, and vice-versa. But there is no doubt that being rich in no way guarantee happiness in life. Living a level headed life and setting example of honesty and valuing relationships is certainly a pathway for happiness.

So next time when you see an expensive car zoom by or an elegant house, don't think they necessarily have an excellent life. Most likely they have a more stressful life than yours, just that it looks nice from outside.

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