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Be the dreams of the dreamers

BY: i just found it | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2010-01-29

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   i just found it
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This line (Be the dreams of the dreamers) says many things. Most of us dream to be like someone who is very successful but have we ever thought that as a human being we are unique from each other.

Why are we always dreamer and why not the dreams for others. Did you ever thought to be a dream of others? Why any of your friends can't say that I want to be like you?

Make yourself such a person with positive thoughts and I am very much sure that one day you will be the dreams of the dreamer and that day will be the day when you had achieved your goal.

To be a dreamer it's very easy but to be a dream it's difficult unless you follow the path of positiveness. The people who are successful today did not know who will help them making successful but the only thing they knew is they wants to succeed. So to be a dream you should always keep in mind that you want to be the dreams of the dreamers as nothing is permanent in life.

Everything is going to change. Poor person will get rich and rich might get poor. Healthy will fall sick and the person in comma will get recovered. Time will change the entire thing but you have to stay positive to be successful.

A dead watch also shows twice the correct time in 24hrs days. The same thing is going to happen to you. If you are passing through bad situation than you will also pass twice by good times in the situation but for that we have to let pass the 24hrs period of time can't leave in the middle.

People says don't look at the dreams because they are never going to be true but what I feel is it's the message from our subconscious mind that this are the thing you can achieve but you have to have faith in me to be true.

Believe in you that you have succeeded will make you successful but believe in you as a failure will take you to nowhere than the path of failure.
I am going to tell this secret to help you make your life better. this secret was also know to the great soul of this earth like mahatma Gandhi, Shakespeare, Newton, Einstein, Mother Teresa, Edison, Lincoln and many more and current most successful person on earth but this secret was never realized publicly. It will give you whatever you wish to be whether millionaire, successful, healthy, romantic, stress free. It will not cost you anything but it will change many things you never thought of.

"Life never leaves you empty. It always replaces everything you lost. If it asks you to put something down, it's because it wants you to pick up something better."

Let your dream may be anything but I am sure this secret is going to show you the path towards your dreams. I have helped many people with this and I am very much sure that it will change your life too. I have seen miracles in people's life and I am sure that miracle is also going to happen with you too.

Do you believe in god? If yes then great and if no then I will relate thing with the science fundamentals because the person who does not believe in god has believe in science so either way you have to believe it, Right?
According to Albert Einstein the most successful person in the world has used his brain 10% out of 100%. Then what about the 90 percent? 90% is said as the subconscious mind and it is the only part that leads us to the success and helps you achieve your goal.

Mind plays the major role in every one of our life. Let me make it very clear -THOUGHTS MAKES YOUR LIFE ". It means that whether you are poor or millionaire, fat or thing, smart or idiot, criminal or good person etc. whatever you are today is the result of your past thoughts. Whatever you will attract in your life will make your future (I.e. good or bad, successful and unsuccessful, healthy and unhealthy).

There are two kinds of thoughts that stay in our mind (positive and negative). It is scientifically proven that a positive thought is more powerful

Then a negative thought. We can also call this as Mrs. Triumph (positive) and Mrs. Defeat. (Negative) triumph is the 10% of your mind where as Defeat is the 90% of your mind. Let me explain you how. Triumph is the person in your mind that will show you the path towards your success where as defeat will give you 100 reasons why you will not succeed. But the person who wants to success finds 1 reason why he wants to succeed while neglecting 100 reasons for failure.

So all you have to do is find out 1 reason why you want to succeed and make it your goal and I challenge you that you will 100% succeed. All we have to do is start ordering Mrs. Triumph and fire Mrs. Defeat and one day when you will succeed at that time Mrs. Triumph will capture 90% of your mind and Mrs. Defeat will be left with 10%.

"Whether you think you can or you can't either way you are right."
If you think its impossible then you are right because you think negative but if you think it's possible and you ask Mrs. Triumph then he will give you 100 reasons why and how you can do it. but the problem is most of us always ask Mrs. Defeat for whatever decision we take and you know well that Mrs. Defeat will give fear to your decision and finally the miracle that was going to happen with you is over and we blame god for being 'unlucky'.

The difference between possible and impossible lies in persons mind. We as a human being have created the rule for everything but According to god there is no rule. This thing is big and that is small, this is cheap and this is costly. All of such thoughts are created by humans not the god. Let me give you an example.

Have you seen locker in bank. It is the place where we keep ornaments, important Papers etc. because this thing might not stay safe in our house, right? now if you put 1 caret of gold and 10 caret of iron in that locker today and after 10 years when you open the same locker will that 1 carat gold gets converted in to 100 carets and iron into silver. Obviously no. it will never. Now relate this thing with your mind. Consider your mind as a memory bank.

Now if you put 90% negative thoughts and 10% positive then what will happen? Whenever you ask something to your mind it will give 90 answers negative and 10 positive and finally what happens? Majority wins .i.e. 90% and you can never let the miracle happen with you. All I want is that you have to put positive thoughts in your mind to be able to succeed.

According to the scientist it is said that every person generate 60,000 thoughts in a single day so it's impossible for us to control our thoughts but there is a way by which we can identify the thoughts and then decide whether we need that thought or not. God has given us the thing called feeling which helps us identify between the god and the bad. The positive feelings are love, gratitude and negative feelings are anger, depression, hate etc. when you feel happy by doing something it is called positive feelings but when you create negative thought than you create such life which you never wanted to have but most of us create negative thoughts more than the positive but the people who are successful today creates only positive thoughts whole day.

"Life never turns the way we want but we live it the best way we can. There is no perfect life but we can fill it with the perfect moments."

Whatever you are today is the result of your past thoughts but if you feel you don't deserve this then it's time to change the things now which will create your future. Being negative will not give you anything except the failure. Why not our goals achieved easily? It's because the subconscious mind wants to be very much sure that whatever decision you are taking will produce the result if the decision taken is bad then you have to suffer and if it's good than you will succeed so either way you have to pay for whatever happens to you and only for this reason the time taken to show you the path for success is more.
-To be a dreamer is very easy but to be a dream is achievement-

Your believe in yourself will make others believe you. When someone believe you blindly means you have won someone's trust. But to earn someone's trust is not easy. Love people and you will surely succeed.

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