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Be Someone - Importance of education

BY: Jcow81 | Category: Education | Post Date: 2009-06-04

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The world is changing and so is education and so is the importance of education in life. Due to the collapse in the world economy the bachelor's degree is equivalent to a high school diploma in the business world. People are coming out of retirement and scooping up jobs. In order to succeed in today's world it is important to make something of yourself. You can no longer get out of high school and enter the work force. You need to get a higher level of education. You need to be someone.

Education plays a very large role in today's society. It is more important than ever to obtain a higher degree (eg- Graduate, doctorate...). In the mid 90's jobs were abundant. The dot com era caused an influx in the level of jobs. The economy was soaring high and new jobs and start-up businesses were being created on a daily basis. Technology was advancing at a drastic rate.

The exponential increase in technology caused products to be created in vast numbers. In fact, many products became obsolete before they even left the shelf at the store. New technology allowed new options in every field. Fields from medical to the auto industry were able to capitalize on this technology. Cars were being equipped with new options that would allow a smoother ride and better safety. Hospitals were able to get machines that could perform invasive surgery, without a doctor even lifting a scalpel. Eventually technology would slow down. In 2008 it seemed that technology had caught up with itself. Many businesses found themselves struggling. Huge named companies began to report huge losses and many filed bankruptcy.

Now in 2009 we have seen the aftermath of the stock market crash. Several banks and financial companies were no longer able to exist. Times are tough for everyone. Many people have lost jobs. People are losing health insurance and pensions as well. The number of forclosed homes grows every day. How do you succeed? Today, in order to succeed you must make something of yourself. It is more important than ever to earn a college degree. A low level degree like an associates degree will not be enough. A bachelor's degree is not enough either. It is important to find what you are good at and do it! Go back to school and get a master's degree.

People with upper level degrees are still having a difficult time surviving in the workforce but they have an advantage over people who don't. Having a higher level degree gives you more knowledge and shows employers that you are serious about that field. Pharmacists go to school for 6 years and earn a doctorate in pharmacy. When these graduates enter the workforce they are given sign-on bonuses and paid over 100k/year. It is really difficult to make it in the working world today but it is important to be someone first. Earn an upper level degree and be someone!

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