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Baffling demise ! - Famous Mysterious Deaths

BY: Abhi | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-10-10

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Death is inevitable, and usually saddening. They aren't mysteries barring a few.
There are some extremely famous episodes of controversy, mystery, skepticism and uncertainty revolving the death of some people. Here are some of the well-known unexplained deaths:

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose (one of the creators of independent India) - On the records, he was killed in a plane crash while he was flying to Tokyo, over Taiwan on 18th August, 1945. It is official that he died in that Japanese plane crash and his body was burnt totally. The investigation surrounding Netaji's death is perhaps historical. Several committees have been set up to probe his death, rather disappearance. One of the beliefs is that he died in Siberia under captivity. Shah Nawaz Committee, set up by Indian government comprising of four members toured Japan to enquire but nothing cropped up. Under Justice Mukherjee the committee, had for the first time sought help of Taiwan, in 2005, to reveal that there was no plane crash over Taiwan that could have possibly killed Netaji, The USA version also seconded that. The report submitted that year made to the parliament, but statements were dismissed. One thing that has continuously impeded the investigation is the lack of considerable evidence. Bhagwanji, a Hindu sanyasi, who lived near Ayodhya and died in 1985, was believed by many to be Netaji in exile. Under Justice Mukherjee, the commission probed the possibility of such a thing, but nothing emerged, though later an investigation by Hindustan Times, suggested that Bhagwanji's being Netaji in exile could not be written off. Mission Netaji is a trust that constantly works on this issue. While skepticism still surrounds Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's death, people keep on having their own versions. There are many who refuse to believe Netaji died in 1945 of a plane crash. As of now, nobody can give a picture of what really happened except for The Almighty.

Hansie Cronje (cricketer, former captain) - Officially he had died in 2002, June. There have been no questions on that, barring a few times when rumors started doing the rounds that he was murdered on match fixing issues, especially after the death of Bob Woolmer which was mysterious too. The reason behind his death despite being officially termed as a plane crash is often doubted. On that fateful day, his scheduled flight from Johannesburg to George was stranded, and he, for that reason moved to a passenger flight and was the only passenger on board. A while before grounding, the pilots lost sight due to cloudiness, and after circling for sometime it crashed into Outeniqua Mountains. In 2006, an inquest regarding this death had started and somehow later the pilots were deemed at fault. Both the pilots had died.

Jimi Hendrix (Music star) - he died in 1979, the 18th of September, and this death involved more twists and turns and turns than any other of its kind. Autopsy contradicted evidences and evidences contradicted testimonies and statements. His Monika Danneman played a significant role in the following investigations, and is supposedly one of suspects given that she contradicted her own statements from one interview to the other. Hendrix's doctor who attended him during his last moments, reveled that there were abnormal quantities of red wine and excessive drugs in his body that caused him to die. Even his girlfriend disclosed that he had taken ten or more tablet while the prescribed amount was one. Thereafter reports continued to evolve unless there was this major twist which gave rise to a suicide angle. A BBC report by Eric Burdon, had him saying that Hendrix might have committed suicide and that he felt was apparent from the lyrics that he had found in Hendrix's apartment. Latest twist to the story includes a book claiming that Mike Jeffery, Hendrix's manager had killed him since he wanted to end the contract. This assertion further went on to become the common belief since Hendrix's doctor said he had abnormal quantities of wine hinting towards the possibility of someone forcing him to slurp.

Manchester United Team and more - This incident will forever remain embedded in the hearts of soccer fans around the world specially, ManU fans. The team along with staff and journalists were returning after a European Cup match. After the plane was grounded for fuelling when it was time to resume journey, problems arose during take-off, it was the third attempt to take off which gave birth to the disaster. Reportedly, the ice formation and slush was the cause behind the aircraft not being able to acquire speed required for taking off. Despite that, the pilots went on trying, subsequent to which the plane hit houses and ended up exploding. 24 out of the 44 died that included 7 players, some journalists, crew and staff members. Manchester United died! The investigation proved pilot Captain Thain at fault and legal action was taken against him though he was later cleared of charges. 7 players died instantly, 2 more died later in hospital, the chief coach and the trainer died on the spot. Two of the players who survived the crash as well as death played never again. What were the true circumstances and what exactly happened that caused the crash remains unfounded and mysterious.

Divya Bharati (Actress) - This death had resulted in quite a hullabaloo in India. On 5th April, 1993, she fell off a 5 storey building and died. That apartment was his husband's. Her dress designer was believed to be present at the time of the incident. Several versions of her death have cropped up since her death. The real reason still remains to be established; it is one of the most mysterious deaths of India indeed. Suicide, accident and murder, all of these were speculated. Media speculation and versions of her fans included that her husband, Sajid Nadiadwala was the cause of her death. Sajid is a noted producer and director.

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