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Baby high chairs and their types

BY: Deena David | Category: Shopping | Post Date: 2009-12-27

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   Deena David
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One of the most important purchases that a couple has to make as their baby grows is the high chair for their baby. There are various things that have to be taken into consideration for the parents to buy the baby chair. One of the most important things that has to be decided as soon as the couple decide top buy a high chair is if they want to buy a high chair that is made of wood, metal or plastic.

The material from which the high chair is made is very important for the couple to decide because each of the material has its own advantage and disadvantage too. The material can vary from the comfort of the child with a particular type of high chair. This article is all about the different types of high chairs that you can buy for your child.

One should remember that a baby high chair is something that can be used for years. It can even be used for more than one child. The couples have to think of this when they first decide to buy the baby high chair. This also should be thought about when they decide on the material from which the chair is made.

Types of baby high chairs:

Wooden chairs:

Wooden chairs were the most common ones before the use of plastic chairs for the babies to sit on. After the use of metal and plastics, the use of wooden chairs has decreased. The wooden chairs retain their patronage though in many families for the many advantages offered by these chairs. The first and the most important reason for the use of the wooden chair is the sturdiness that the chair offers to the person who uses it. Wooden chairs have a stronger base and are sturdier making it safer for the child. The wooden chairs can also have a lot of designs on them making the chair beautiful. The chair can be polished too.
The disadvantage of using the wooden chair is the fact that these chairs cannot be folded. Another disadvantage of using wooden chairs is the fact that these chairs are heavier than the other kind of chairs and is more difficult for the person to use.

Metal baby high chairs:

The baby high chairs that are made of metal are usually foldable. This gives an advantage for the family using this kind of chair. The main advantage is that the person will be able to use it in houses where the area is very less.

Plastic chairs:

The use of plastic chairs is the one that is most commonly seen these days. The person using these kind of chairs have more advantages. The chairs are made lighter and are easy to transport. They also are made with a lot more features than many of the other types of chairs. This makes them more useful than the wooden chair. There are also various adjustments present in the chair that make it easy for the person to be able to adjust the height, cushioning and also the reclining angle. All these added advantages make people go for these kinds of chairs, though they are not as durable as the conventional wooden chairs.

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