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BY: Prof Vijay Kumbhar | Category: Education | Post Date: 2009-10-04

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   Prof Vijay Kumbhar
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In the developing country like India, an employment opportunity is the basic problem before youth in such country. But who are graduate of economics, business economics, industrial economics, banking or any applied and basic economics they don't worry about their career. Because, in the era of globalization there are lots of opportunities are waiting for them in India and abroad.

Most Important Areas for Students of Economics

Most of the colleges and universities in India offer Bachelor and Master's degree course in Economics. Doctoral courses like M.Phil and Ph.D. courses are also offered by many universities and specific economics school within the country. There are many sector are absorbing students of economics because of their efficiency, applicability, skills and need of business also. We can define the following most important sectors where the opportunities are available.

Commercial and Co-operative Banks
Students of economics can select their career in the banking sector which is now very significantly developing and it have a jobs like branch managers, clerks, economic advisers, development officers etc. If you have a skill to computer operation like data entry, data analysis, tally packages, computerized accounting and typing etc. you can get the easy job in the banking sector with better placements. In India, many public sector and private sector banks are advertise their post in employment news, news papers and websites also. Banks are now offering good salary packages. Most Public sector officers can begin in the Rs 6000-25000 per month.

Insurance Sector
Insurance sector is now growing very fast and it have numbers of job opportunities for students of economics and commerce also. The students of economics have very good knowledge about the investment needs and choices of the investors. Hence they can perform very good manner in the insurance sector like insurance consultants, insurance agents, development offices, insurance policy makers end even work as mangers, assistant mangers of the insurance company.

Investment Consultants
Investment consultant is another area can be available for the students of economics. They have good knowledge of capital market, money market and commodity market. Now the peoples of developing countries are also trying to invest in financial market to getting good returns from investment. But those all peoples have not sufficient knowledge of financial market and financial instruments and their returns. They needs investment consultants, if you have very good communication skill with knowledge of financial market, you can become investment consultant.

Mutual Fund Sector
Mutual fund is growing service industry in India. It has one of most important sector to students of economics because it provides huge employment opportunities to the students of economics. There is need of knowledge of economic analysis is required for effective investment decision making and therefore professionals from economics and finance background are required.

Tax Consultants
Tax, taxation, filling process of indirect and direct taxes is the part of public economics. If you know about the taxation and rules of tax calculation, filling tax forms and of tax deposit you can become tax consultant. But their one esenti8al need that, you should update about the changing rules and method of taxation in that particular country. There are some special courses also available to tax consultants like Diploma in taxation, Certificate course in tax consultant etc.

Economics Adviser
Students of economics have good knowledge of industrial economics, market, production theories, demand theories, price determination methods, theories of profit etc. even banking institutes, insurance companies, industries needs economic advisers. If you have good knowledge of particular field with their economics you can become very good economic adviser in that field.
Education and Research Institutes

In education and research institutes also providing various job opportunities to students of education. In India, post graduate and graduate students of economics can become teacher in higher secondary schools, colleges, post graduate colleges, research institutes, MBA, BBA and other management institutes also. Now in the higher education sector college and higher educational institutes are giving attractive salaries to lecturers and professors.

Government Sector
In India, state and central government needs various economic experts to policy making, planning, agriculture department, rural development department, department of industry etc. In India, The Indian Economics Services are also an excellent option open to those who want to join government service. Officers are recruited through examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. To be eligible for this examination, one needs to be a graduate and in the 21-28 age group.. But there is need to study the economics with statistics and econometrics.

Co-operative sector
In India students of economics are studying economics with co-operation as a optional subject most of colleges and universities are offering this subject with the economics. Hence, the students of economic have ea knowledge of eco-operation also. Co-operative sector is too developed sector in India. There are various co-operative banks, industries, marketing institutes; processing institutes are working in India. In that, institutes those students can getting their jobs as mangers, supervisors, marketing executive, policy maker etc. Even the state governments has defined economics with co-operation is the basic qualification for jobs in department of co-operation of state governments.

Import Export Sector
In the international economics, agricultural and industrial economics the students studies about import and export business. How have enough knowledge of import-export business, international trade policy, international market, dumping, international marketing etc. hence they can become consultant, managers, and experts in the field of import export business.

Forestry Sector
Forestry is an attractive field of study which deals with the theory and practice of all that constitutes the creation, conservation and scientific management of forests and the utilization of their resources. It is also one of the important sectors for the students of economics and agricultural economics. Who are completed their degree or diploma with resource economics, agricultural economics, environmental economics they can take this opportunities in India and abroad also. Since last decade every government has trying to maintain hood forestry and environment in the country and giving opportunities to such economics graduates.

Other common
The students of economics can get their jobs like other common students as Clarks, supervisor, analysts, director, managers, agents, and such others. Even the students of economics can get more than other students because they have a much of knowledge of financial transactions, business, trade and other things other than common students. Hence, we can say that students of economics has bright career in India.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: Prof. Kumbhar Vijay Maruti (M.A.NET, SET, GDC&A, DIT) Dept. of Economics & Business economics, A.M.A & N C, S College, Rajapur Dist – Ratnagiri State- Maharashtra (India)

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Dear Sir , I am post graduate in Economics ( Statictics) I am working last 8 year in public co. in the post of Accountant, I am getting proble for jump because of non commerce, please advice me how can I get the Job in Economics related sector, awaiting response Thanks & Regards Shiv shankar
shiv shankar 2009-11-26
Hi Your article was good and inspiring for me being an economic`s graduate.but in reality after completing my graduation in economics I found it really difficult to get the job in economics related fields. There has to be a good opportunity for us..please guide me in that direction.Im staying in mumbai n seriously looking out for some good work
aniket 2009-10-18
Inspiration from you
Dear Prof, I was actually getting very discouraged from others when I decided to pursue economics as my major. I have a strong passion for economics and finance. By forwarding the link of this article to my parents, I was able to show them that a good career can be achieved for students of economics too. Thanks for influencing my life in a significant way. I will always be indebted to you.
Vijay Sinha 2009-10-05

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