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Awareness about consumer rights. Consumer forum disputes redressal

BY: chitracs | Category: Others | Post Date: 2008-10-21

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In India, we have seen the golden words of Mahathma Gandhiji, "A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to serve him", in many offices and shops. Are we truly following it? Are we treating the customer properly and giving him the right respect?

Who is a consumer? A customer is the person who actually makes the purchase and a consumer is the person who uses it. When a husband purchases a thing for the family, he is the customer for the product and all the family members including himself are the consumers. Everybody in this world is a consumer. When we purchase goods or accept services, we become a consumer. When we actually buy things or assure to buy the things, we come under the category of a consumer. The seller should agree to sell us the goods with certain norms and conditions. In the similar way, we might have received a promise from the service provider. He might have promised to provide a service under certain conditions. In both the cases, we are the customers.

Consumer rights: The goods or services which are harmful to the society should not be marketed. The malpractice should not be allowed in food products and medicines. The consumer should be given the correct information and he should be given the freedom to choose the product. He could represent his views freely. The consumer should be given the product of good quality and right quantity. The product should be pure and price should be nominal. If the above are found to be not followed, the consumer could very well approach consumer forums for redressal. All the consumers should be educated well of their rights. The services like electricity, telephone, health, sanitation, education and housing are some of the common services, a consumer gets. If there is a deficiency or harassment in getting the proper service, the consumer could approach the consumer forum

The consumer might have received a product of inferior quality or value other than the one promised by the seller; then he could fight for his rights. When the price is high and the content of the product is harmful to health, then also a consumer could approach a forum. Sometimes, in the advertisement, they may show the product of different quality or say different price and actually they may sell lower quality or with higher price. The seller should give the correct information always to the consumer.

The affected consumer could straightway make a complaint if the product or service is not up to the mark or he has been cheated in some way. Some voluntary organization could also help him to get his rights. When the affected person or the organization on his behalf gives a written complaint, it would be filed. In the application itself, they may mention the details of the remedy, they want. The consumer forum will study the case, analyse the details and help to get the remedy the consumer needs such as granting partial or full amount spent as refund, replacing the faulty goods or set righting the defects of the products supplied to the consumer. The consumer may get compensation for the mental agony or the delay in getting the product or service. The consumer should avoid purchasing the things polluting our environment.

In India, March 15 is celebrated as National Consumer's day. India has been appreciated by all countries for protecting consumer rights. All of us should be alert and know our rights. We have to purchase the products of good quality by paying the correct amount. If any deficiency is noticed, we should point out politely to set right it at our level. If the same is not done, we should approach the consumer forum and fight for our rights.

How to file a consumer rights complaint (Procedure):
Always keep the the cash memo, receipt or bill of the product you have purchased. The format to file the complain is located on the booklet provided by Consumer Protection Act, the form is simple to fill, select the proper category (unfair trade practice, deficiency of service, etc ..) then explain your complain in simple words with supported documents including the receipt. Make 3 copies (you, the other party and the forum). Prepare a Demand Draft for the nominal filing fees and visit the District Forum of your area. Depending on your ares of jurisdiction there may be a wait time of few weeks, months or years. Your complain should be filed within 2 years. The consumer has full right to be protected from defective goods & service and seek redressal if needed.
you should always check for the latest rules by visiting you local consumer rights office. (or visit National consumer disputes redressal commission, online at ncdrc.nic.in and core.nic.in).

Consumer Forum Office Address

National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission
5 th Floor, Janpath Shawn, New Delhi


Under Section 24-B of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission exercises administrative control over State Commissions. There are 34 State Commissions. Visit http://ncdrc.nic.in/sDetails.html to get their locations and addresses.

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