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Average salary for Media persons (Journalists and TV Reporters)

BY: Abhi | Category: Business and Finance | Post Date: 2009-10-07

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Salary of Journalists and Media / TV Reporters in India and Abroad

It's a controversial topic whether aiming for the media jobs is lucrative or not, some say it is, some don't. Few organizations promise a highly lucrative career, and there are groups of people who say journalism could possibly be one of the poorest paid jobs. None of these statements can be deemed false, neither can any of these be considered the truth. That is proof enough of the adventure both in terms of payment and job structure that is inherent to media jobs such as journalists/reporter/editor/correspondent etc. There is definitely a verity to the statement that journalists are not one of the better paid jobs but the funniest part is that the media sector is considered to be one of those rare sectors which boom and blossom very fast and continuously. It is also believed to be and indeed is one the highly demanded subjects of study amongst the youth.


Abroad, the media jobs are the envied ones. The reporters for BBC or for instance the correspondent for New York Times earn plentiful. According to a survey by NUJ most journalists in UK and other advanced countries earn 1 lakh per month (approximate) and the elevated ones earns 2.5 lakhs monthly. That's hefty. Well in USA engineering students out for industrial experience arranged by the University itself earns 2.5-3 lakhs in 6 months. So that is not unnatural. Vis--vis the Indian journalists earn quite less.

Salary of Media Professionals in Government:
The Indian government as for all Govt. of India jobs the case is, has stipulated the wages for journalists (under the Indian government). Entry level salary is supposed to be anywhere between Rs 8000 to 12000. Starting salary could be as low as Rs 4000 too.

Salary of Media Professionals in Private Companies:
While private or for that matter bigger media houses do not mind paying more. Upon gaining a considerable amount of experience on an average the salary of a journalist could be somewhere between Rs 20000 to Rs 30000. When the seniority of a member of the press/media house rises and becomes unquestionable the remuneration reaches 1 lakh. As a rule or convention whatever you might call it, the television/broadcast journalists earn more than those belonging to the print media and this is the reason the shifting from print to television is such a common occurrence. So it is expected of a senior editor or the editor in chief of an eminent news channel to earn 1.2 lakhs or so per month. We refuse to believe personalities like Barkha Dutt or Rajdeep Sardesai earn less than that. Celebrity journalists can earn 1.5 lakhs or more.

There is a hierarchy system that is prominent in the media world in India and elsewhere. That one starts as a trainee reporter, then a correspondent, then a chief correspondent, then a special correspondent and so on. To be an editor it is in most cases essential to be a reporter. In case of editorship it is the same, on starts as a trainee, then sub-editor, then the chief sub-editor, somewhere in between he/she has to be a copy tester, then the person gradually elevates to the level of chief editor.

Let's go on to compare salaries of Media people from all angles by means of a TABLE:
MediumIndia (Rs) Abroad (Rs)
Print 5000 - 1000020000 - 40000
Television 8000-12000 25000-50000
Print 15000-3000060000-1 lakh
Television 20000-500001 lakh-2 lakhs
Print 30000-50000 1 lakh-1.5 lakhs
Television 60000-1.2 lakhs 1.4 lakhs-2.5 lakhs or more

So if you have all the qualities that make a good journalist, don't think of the money because as you have hopefully realized by now, sky is the only limit for the right candidate in this field. Being a journalist also means that he/she becomes a responsible person capable of shaping the nations future. Like everything in life is, journalism also is a blend of positives and negatives and it is only after one weighs the pros and cons that he/she takes a step towards this beautiful profession.

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sir,thakx a lot ,u r solvin my lot of problems in a very efficient manner,bt plz tell me dat what qualities we have to be a good journilist
jyotsna lakhera 2009-12-29
Thanks Abhirup
I could have not got a better answer than this .. Thanks and love.
Lina 2009-10-11
Thank you
You just solved by biggest problem. I was looking about the salary of media persons, you are the best !
Aditya 2009-10-09
Good Schools ?
Dear Sir, Can you tell me some good Media colleges in India which have a good reputation. I mean it is easier to get a job after completion. I am in 11th std and looking to become a TV Journalist.
Akash 2009-10-07
Don`t you think that there is too much competition in media career with so many students jumping in this line. I have heard discouraging stories from students not being able to find job after spending years to study. As far as your article goes, I think you have done a very good and presentable work.
Riddhi 2009-10-07
To Riddhi & Akash
Akash: IIMC, ACJ, SIMC, IIJNM, etc are the top institutes. Riddhi: Absolutely correct, the competetion is stronger and tougher than IIT`s but then the world`s rule is - `Survival of the fittest` Sad but inevitable
Abhirup Bhunia 2009-10-07

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