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Average Salary of Computer Software Engineers in India

BY: Bharat | Category: India | Post Date: 2009-10-06

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The Salary of Computer Software Engineers has been envying people in other professions for a decade now. While many in India still believe that IT professionals are paid too much, on the other hand Europeans and Americans still call them as "Cheap Labor".

Salary of software engineers has always been a hot topic because so many young Indians now think that Software engineering as their dream career. Even before I start discussing further, you should understand that these are just the rough/average numbers because salary varies drastically based on an individual's expertise and the company he works for. Therefore Median salary makes more sense than Average Salary.

What is Median Salary?
Median salary is a number where approximately half individuals earn more than that amount and other half makes less than that. It is not the average salary, usually the average salary is slightly more than median salary. A good software programmer in an MNC can fetch up to 12 lakhs per year easily. Following list is based on the sample of data we collected and it may not be absolutely correct.

We conducted a survey recently in an IT fair and also compiled data from online job websites to arrive at these numbers.

Median Salary of Software Engineers by Years Experience (In Indian Rupees)
Years of Experience Salary (Lakhs per year)
Beginner 1.75 L to 3.0 L
2-3 Years 2.4 L to 4.2 L
3-5 Years 3.3 L to 5.5 L
6-10 Years 4.5 L to 8.0 L
10+ Years 6.0 L to 12 L

Salary in Various Cities:
Salaries were highest in Hyderabad. Bangalore had the largest variation in Salary. We found people of almost similar skillset with one individual making almost twice of other. Salary in MNC's are definitely higher than Indian counterparts. Salaries in Mumbai, Pune and Gurgaon were in Lower to Mid range, while the salary earned by engineers in Noida were in Mid to Lower high range.

Chances of getting a job for freshers were highest in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurgaon. While Noida seemed to be lagging behind in terms of number of job offered.

Computer Software Engineers with specialized skillset or those who qualify to be Technical-Lead and Architects were paid better. If you have 3-5 years of US or European experience then you can expect a better salary than others because Software companies can better utilize you for outsourcing projects since those individuals can usually communicate better with overseas clients.

Salaries vary from Company to Company
Among the well known companies, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, CST(Cognizant), Cisco, DE Shaw, Schlumber, HP, Intel and Sun Microsystems offer best salaries (Almost all these are MNC's). Having a salary of about 20 Lakhs is not totally impossible in many of these companies.

While TCS, Infosys, Wipro, IBM and Accenture offered average salary. Again salary varies drastically based on expertise and number of years of experience.

This survey did not cover Managers. Use this data at your own risk. The salaries are rising at a rate of 5-10% in India therefore these numbers can become outdated pretty fast.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

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These seem to be very low... double the amount to get the value for the high end mncs
MNC Guy 2009-11-19
Excellent One
Bharat, your research matches the numbers very closely to I had in my mind. Salary of Software Engineers varies drastically, but if one does not want to become a PROGRAMMING SLAVE, then join MNC`s only. Working in Desi companies means no personal life and lot of workplace politics.
Software India Guy 2009-10-06

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