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Audio enchantment - In the times of TV & Internet how does Radio survive?

BY: Abhi | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-08-27

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‘Believe what you see, not what you hear', that's what people say… That although has got something to do with trust, credence, belief, so and so forth. The point is: today, entertainment has perhaps the widest variety, more than anything else and eyes play the role of conveying that entertainment to our brain… now before we get too biological, let's come back quickly and restate the topic… How does Radio (the only audio format) survive when people are exposed to television, internet, movies, theatres, etc which provide eye and ear combined amusement. The reasons are counted.

The very foremost reason is that the people need a kind of eye-rest & that's the time radios come into our forum. Radio gives introverts, and the reserved the chance to open up, and get heard round the city. Radio today thankfully spends money; it is a medium that covers almost one thirds of mass media.

Radio hosts a number of exciting contests, the winning amount of which even touches lacs. Blockbuster songs from hit Bollywood movies, the most recent and fresh tracks, celebrity chats, and interactive programs, all free of cost are not in any sense dispensable.

The cost of downloading latest songs is eliminated, since the latest always plays in FM (Frequency Modulation) Channels. In some cases it's the RJ's (Radio Jockey's) voice that lends a cliché to a channel, and that indeed becomes the trump card for the success of that channel.

One of the aspects of attractions is the voice of a person, and that seems to play a significant role in the phenomenal success of radio stations. No wonder presentation and voice are the key factors of recruiting RJ's.

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Nothing beats Radio FM
Radio FM/AM are the best source of entertainment when you are in the car. Actually its interesting to gauge how much radio has changed since the days of (boring) Akashwani .. He He He !!
Vani 2009-08-30

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