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Are we traveling the journey towards end?

BY: Priyanka Hote | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2010-01-10

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   Priyanka Hote
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You must have all heard about the -December 21, 2012—Doomsday- the day when the world is said to coming to an end.

But why is it said so?

We can also say there is the new beginning towards it.
The reality check for all news is needed.
According to my view, my friends the world is not coming to an END but there is new BEGINNING towards it. The evil is going to be challenged and truth is going to be revealed

Truth of an individual being, of the soul descended on the earth to complete their goals.
Friends it is said by all great spiritualist that we all are not just humans but deep within a pure soul just taken a Birth to fulfill our respective goals.
But when we come on earth, we just get lost somewhere in this worldly things, like money, relations, life etc that our pure goal is lost somewhere and we tend to start facing problems.
We all are born with some or the other goal in minds and we should look forward to it.
Yes, now that period is coming. Where many of us will be facing the reality of their birth, of their being and of their understanding that why they are, the way they are.

This is beautiful period of getting connected to GOD and NATURE.

So friends go out and search out your goal of life and make full of it .!
And don't be afraid but welcome 2012 with Love and Honesty.
Love nature because it is within us and we are within the nature.

Live Positive Live Happy. !!

Priyanka Hote

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: About Author: Author Priyanka, besides being IT professional, loves to articulate on every genre. She is the SPIRITUAL follower and Loves PEACE.

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2012 Dooms day is a myth
Every few years, these theories and predictions come that earth is headed for an end, it never happens, it has not happened in thousands of years and it won`t happen in our lifetime. Wanna Bet !! (If we live, I win .. If I lose, I won`t be there anyway :D )
Kelly 2010-01-11

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