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Are movies reflection of the society?

BY: Abhi | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-08-07

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Cinema undoubtedly is reflective of the society itself. What we see or do in reality is more often than not what we see on silver screen. It's not rare that we encounter incidents in our daily lives that are in most ways very similar to the ones that we witness in movies. We often get to see startling resemblances between events of real and reel life, be it films or television.

Recently released film , ‘New York' had more than something to do with the 9/11 twin tower attack. Madhur Bhandarkar's film ‘Page 3' effectively brought out the utmost details of the page 3 category people belonging to the upper class society. This national award winning director also spilled the beans in his film Fashion, about the dark, gloomy, and pitiful state of affairs in the world of fashion, modeling and glamour. These films, we all realize and understand, are the mere cinematic versions of the unquestionable truth or fact. In more than a few occasions we somehow identify with the characters in movies.

Unfortunately the society today is a witness to various ill doings, communal problems, deplorable events and sheer malevolence. Few of the many plagues of the present society are murders, rapes, suicides and to top it all is the utmost form of violence, terrorism. The worst possible evil at present is undoubtedly terrorism and this is an issue that has been dealt with in cinemas recurrently. Even if we attempt to name a few movies having dealt with terrorism it would amount to many. All this does nothing but evinces that cinema is a reflection of the society. In film ‘Corporate', we were provided with a sneak peek of the sinister details of the world of business. The rampant corruption in the business world was simply enacted in this film. Women getting jobs in return for pleasure, cricketers participating in match fixing in exchange for crores, teenagers taking to drugs, perversion leading to teenage pregnancy, people going to the extent of murdering people over trivial matters - we all get to hear such things, and subsequently we get to see these in movies.

Apart from films, television acts as a mirror image of the society at times too. Extremely popular TV show ‘Balika Vadhu' has very efficiently brought out a piece of verity to us. Child marriage, the all time evil is still widespread in some remote rural areas. This soap deals with the problems that come with it, and for those who have a doubt in their minds, they have carried out a survey wherein they have learnt that a good amount of women who are at present adults were married at a tender age. The producers of the show call it an attempt on their part to inform the world about the plague and also to reduce it.

Time and again cinemas have acted as a mirror to the society. Cinemas have persistently dealt with the problems of the society, and brought out the darkest secrets of the world as it is today. The thought that a movie always equals entertainment is but a myth. I would like to salute the filmmakers, actors, and producers who have done and are still doing their bit to let the people know about the society better. So, as a conclusion I would like to restate and make clear that cinemas are undeniably reflective of the society that we live in and the strong link between reel and real is here to stay.

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Yes they are
Movies are certainly a true reflection of the society - About 90 percent times.
Sneha 2009-08-09
Movies guide the society
Its the other way, people watch movies, they get influenced, they try to copy dresses and attitudes of actors. Movies encourage youths to become more violent and girls tend to wear shorter clothes. Some good things about watching movies .. but overall movies harm society more than they contribute towards better things.
Divya 2009-08-08

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