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Are men really strong, or emotionally weak - Are men emotional too?

BY: Jane | Category: Men | Post Date: 2008-07-09

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I have come across many men who make others believe that they are emotionally strong. They advise women to be strong, but the truth is, it is men are are weak too.

Women let out their emotions by crying out. Men rarely cry, but maybe they have a drink and then, they speak out their heart.

Women can sustain betrayal and infidelity as these are common in our society , but when men have to face a similar situation, he is broken from within.

When a daughter is married, it is the father who feels the pain more than anybody else. Man is so used to having his family and children at home, he does feel lonely when he has to be alone.

My husband cannot stay alone at home but he will not admit. He was the happiest person when our daughter was born. In fact, when I was in labor, he was very tense.

That reminds me, man is not allowed to go in the labor room because he may faint or cannot handle the situation.

Hats off to my father who has been a very strong support to my mother who was suffering from a disease, for a prolonged time. He would always be there, taking care of my mother.

When my mom was there, he would tell her to be strong, advise her to stay alone if need arises, but unfortunately, now when she was no more, my father cannot stay alone. He has become emotionally weak.

Another observation is, when a man has had a bad day in office or has a quarrel with somebody, he takes the help of a drink and goes off to sleep. Percentage of women following this behavior is very less. They also get stressed out, but they hardly take drinks to go off to sleep.

Probably, the reason why a man re-marries is because he needs an emotional support.

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