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Are men made of steel, but do they have feelings too?

BY: khwaish | Category: Men | Post Date: 2008-09-24

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Think of a guy - Strong, smart, intelligent, hardworking, full of energy, powerful, humorous, self respect and a bit of attitude, these all are the qualities we all women would like to have in an ideal man.

These all are the words a woman wants or depicts in a man. A man is like any other living being created by God. God has also bestowed him with all the qualities.
Ain't they? .. Yes, they are.

But, most individuals don't even try to look at the other side of the coin. We all (especially woman) expect them to be physically fit and strong, have sharp and an intelligent brain. A very hardworking man, full of devotion and dedication. But do a question many of us often ask to ourself ..

- Don't they have feelings ?
- Don't they cry?
ANSWER - Yes, they do.

We all cry, when things hurts us, when face a big problem in life, a feeling that we are alone, when we want to share our feelings or when someone bullied us.

We all cry but we expect our men not to cry because they are made up of STEEL.

But, why are we expecting this from them?
They do have the right to cry, to complaint if someone is hurting them or playing with their emotions. They are also having the heart, that feel and response to the things doesn't matter whatever it is. Like a mother a father also waits for his baby desperately. Like a lover he also loves his beloved. Like a friend he also cares for his friend.

In some cases they have to perform better than us. After marriage, they have to take care of his parents, his own family and the his wife too, as he knows that she is new to this place, he always try to do his level best. In case of love many men are highly affectionate too.

Bottom line, like all other human beings men can also show their emotions and feelings to everyone, therefore to say whether or not men are made of steel or not .. is something we all can debate.

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