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Are Call Center jobs safe for girls. Safety of Female employees in BPO

BY: Swati | Category: India | Post Date: 2009-08-18

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Overview of Call Centers:
In India, call centers have taken over big cities like a storm. In a call center job (or BPO Job), individuals are trained to help customers of a company on a wide variety of things, this may include opening new accounts, sales, advice, technical help, resolving disputes and answering account related questions. A majority of call center jobs in India are to help overseas customers. Outsourcing call center jobs to India saves lot of money for these foreign companies because of difference in labour costs. To give you an idea, a typical call center employee in United States makes anywhere between $10 to $20 per hour, which is about 10 to 20 lakhs per year. Not only that in most foreign countries there is additional expense of about $5-7 per hour in providing health benefits and other infrastructure costs. A typical call center employee in India is paid anywhere between Rs 15,000 per month to 60,000 per month, all depending on experience, designation, command over foreign language accent and the employer. Call center jobs do not require advanced degrees but still pay well when compared to other kind of jobs, therefore they are quite appealing to the youths.

Safety of Girls in Call Centers:
Mostly due to the odd working hours of call center jobs, girls in particular are usually concerned whether or not to opt in for a BPO career. Call center jobs serving overseas customer require working in late night shifts. Most BPO Companies employing female workers are themself very concerned about the safety of their girl employees. In places like Bangalore, Pune and Delhi, most call center companies run private charter buses from various sections of the city to their office. In many cases the driver actually waits for the female employee to enter in her house premises before he leaves. Policies differ from company to company but frankly, there is only so much a company can do. Working and commuting in odd hours do carry some social risks beyond a company can do.

In most cases, it is quite safe for girls to work for call center jobs but in some cases incidents do happen. Incidents vary from eve-teasing to even sexual molestation, although later is quite rare. Girls in particular have to be very careful themself and apply common sense wherever possible. Small things like not wearing skin revealing clothes and avoiding to wear expensive jewellery do help. Teaming up with a co-worker during commute who lives close to home can also provide sense of security for female call center employees.

Issues beyond odd working hours:
Before you join a call center company, kindly review their working conditions, work hours and policy about safety pertaining to female workers.

* Many call center employees have a very modern lifestyle, which may be uncomfortable to many conservative girls.

* Although starting salary in call center jobs looks good, but there are very limited opportunities in terms of career growth. Most employees working in these BPO jobs start feeling their work life quite boring because their job is quite monotonous.

* Issues may go beyond work, your personal family life may also go for a toss. You may find it hard to spend with your family and friends doe to odd working hours.

* Call center jobs are stressful. Although you may feel its all about talking on the phone, but responsibilities go far beyond that. Some customers may be hard to deal with and others may behave badly if they sense that you are an Indian.

* Some call center employees often go to pubs and even a small number of employees may be drug addicts. Its best to know your limits and make friends in the company appropriately.

Therefore coming back to the discussion "Are Call Centers jobs safe for girls", my personal opinion is Yes. There are thousands of girls working in call centers, therefore you are not alone. But one should thoroughly understand working environment and policies regarding safety before taking up a BPO job. It's a good idea to learn from personal experiences of fellow female employees.

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