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Always remain a student in life. Learn from everyday life situations.

BY: moonlight | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2009-08-18

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Every person has few strong beliefs with which he tends to live his life. Beliefs help us to walk on the track of life. In this journey some beliefs are trashed and some become stronger with the passage of time. By different ways and situations life teaches us the validity and the significance of our beliefs that we have adopted into it. Belief gives us a chance to initiate on many situations. After the realization of the outcome of our efforts that belief may be discarded or may become a reality of life for the person.

There is a belief which has always helped the individuals to live the life in a better way. And that belief is to -remain a student in life-. What does it mean to remain a student in life? Does it mean to continue the studies for the whole life or does it follow to continue the schooling or college or to remain under the training of a teacher for the whole life? No doubt, this belief when adopted in life would definitely take you at high in your life. And to follow this belief in life, it is must to understand its meaning. First of all see at the meaning of a ‘student'. Student means the one who tries to learn the knowledge and the facts. The one who reveals his ignorance and moves towards the knowledge related to the varied aspects.

A student accepts the factor of ignorance and tries to overcome it by the light of knowledge. Student always tries not to learn but implement that very knowledge in the practical life as well. Now if the belief says to remain a student in life it simply follows to become a person who tries to learn something new every moment and every day. This belief wants us to become a person who accepts his ignorance and tries to get rid of it by making efforts to gain knowledge. When there is a student there must also be a teacher. But in this belief, who is the teacher? Here the life is the teacher. Different situations, different people and creatures whom we get along with during the life are the entire teacher.

Now the meaning of the belief has become clear that, a person should adopt the habit of learning something new from everything and from everybody. There are varied situations and circumstances taking place into the life, every day we get along with so many kinds of persons and objects. We must understand that all the things and conditions coming into our way are not without any avail. Those all people and conditions are teaching us some lessons in many ways and every day. Every person and creature is unique and special. We should learn from those qualities of each of them. We should look towards the specialties of others. This is a fact that, nobody is perfect and everybody possesses both positive and negative traits. But only positive traits would lead towards success and completeness. If each one of us tries to learn at least one good quality from everyone every day, then the person would surely move towards perfection.

Similarly there are various situations in life we come across with every day. Every situation brings diverse emotions such as; happiness, sorrow, joys, failure etc. A person should learn from every condition. Not every situation brings joys so, what lesson that situation is trying to teach us, we should do that analysis. By becoming a student a person would attain the virtue of humility, patience, positivity and above all wisdom. The perception becomes clear, rational and positive. The person, who remains a student, is the person who is never defeated. In any kind of situations he would have the courage and a solution to face them. A student's mind is always occupied with the practical knowledge and leads the life practically and moreover life becomes a fun and easy for him. Life is a bunch of different situations which we need to face with patience, knowledge and wisdom. The person who always learns and observes from others would not panic in any circumstances because his intellect is full of knowledge and courage and he would live the life more easily than anybody else.

There was a very great saint in the ancient times of Indian history named Shri Dattatray. He was not only venerable for his wisdom and knowledge but he was famous because of his 24 gurus (spiritual teachers). Dattatray had 24 teachers and he believed to remain a student all through his life. And the most surprising fact was the reality of his teachers. His teacher was not only a human being but his list of teachers included ants, dogs, elephants, tortoise, trees, fishes and many other creatures. He tried to learn from every small creature and he truly lived as a student for his entire life. He gave his true respect to every creature and human being in his life. He not only learnt from those different creatures but he implemented the lessons and morals into his practical life as well. For instance; he learnt the lesson of courage and determination from ants, lesson of honesty and humility from dogs, lesson of self-control and controlling the senses from tortoise and so on. He was indeed a great saint and a true student.

The positive feature of being a student would glorify your persona and improves yourself. But while remaining a student one must stay away from ego, comparisons and jealousy. Stay contented with your own knowledge and experience. Your thoughts, knowledge, actions and experience would help you only when you would not attach any false ego with them. Try to utilize your every knowledge for the welfare of mankind. The moment you add ego and comparison to your knowledge that very moment your image of a student would be shattered.

You would no more remain a student. A student is always humble and kind. He learns every knowledge and moral wisely. Student's motive is not to push down someone or to defeat anyone but his motive is always to become knowledgeable and to defeat the adversities of the life.

So, remain a student in your life. Always learn from every situation, person and everything around you. You never know at what situation that knowledge and moral may help you and take you out of some blunder and hence make you an experienced person in your life. Never forget that nothing is permanent into this life, neither the joys nor the sorrows or problems. Just be attentive towards the zest of all the circumstances, you would surely realize that though s came into your way but they made you stronger at the end. Life is easy for the one who learns and finds out the solution rather than for the one who just cries over the problems and never uses his experiences.

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thank u for so much of admiration!!
thank you Liz for so much of appreciation especially for Indians. yes u r true Indians r really trustworthy and ya! great cooks:):):) well thanks once again for liking my article and my pic too..:):)
jyotsna 2009-09-21
Great Advice
People who have the urge to keep learning from others and their own past experiences can never fail in life. ENJOYED READING YOUR ARTICLE. Beautiful picture, some Indian girls are really pretty. Here in NZ, I have two good friends who are Indians, one of the best people I have ever met (Trustworthy, gentle, smart and excellent cooks).
Liz Beth 2009-08-30
Student for life .. nice
Salam Madam, I agree with every bit of your article. Alam from Pakistan.
Alam 2009-08-18

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