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Alcohol At Receptions

BY: Hard Rock | Category: Food and Drinks | Post Date: 2009-10-31

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   Hard Rock
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For many people, alcohol at a reception seems to be a given. There isn't a thought in the world about it because you want everyone to have a good time. When it's time for the toast, you want to have champagne in your glass, and you want everyone else to have champagne in their glass also. However, in these days of a bad economy and a litigious society, it's something more couples need to seriously think about.

I don't drink. For my wedding, I hadn't thought about having any alcohol at all. My wife and I decided to purchase sparkling apple cider for our wedding toast. It certainly cost less. And I was of the opinion that the wedding would go perfectly without any alcohol.

For awhile that's just how it went; okay. It wasn't all that lively an event, and people were reluctant to get onto the dance floor. Then suddenly, I noticed a change in the vibrancy of the room. More and more people came out on the dance floor, and there was a lot more laughter. I knew something had to be up.

We held our wedding in an American Legion hall. What we discovered is that just because you rent space doesn't mean you're the only one using it. Veterans always have access to an American Legion hall, no matter your event. When the vets are there, a bartender is there to serve them whatever they want. And when others find out there's someone serving alcohol, even if they have to pay for it, they'll go for it.

Suddenly we had two issues. One, because one of our guests had gone down for a drink, we were now responsible for paying the bartender's fee, even though we hadn't scheduled it. Two, as always happens, some people don't know how to control themselves once they start drinking a little bit at some events.

I spent the last 30 minutes of the reception going around making sure everyone who'd had a drink and didn't look like they were in control of themselves had a ride home. I didn't want to risk having anyone get into an accident, and then blame us for serving alcohol. At least we didn't have to pay for the alcohol.

Alcohol can be expensive; it's a consideration couples need to think about if they have an open bar. Making everyone pay for their own drinks will save on costs, but you still need to watch out for those folks who have had too much to drink. One last thing to watch out for is children who are at the wedding, who might decide to have a taste of someone's drink. Not that it should be your issue, but one never knows how parents will think about something once they discover it's occurred.

Don't just take having alcohol for granted at your wedding. Make both good social and fiscal responsibility choices. It will take a load off your mind.

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