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Advantages of oral communication over written communication

BY: Deena David | Category: Animals and Pets | Post Date: 2009-10-10

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   Deena David
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There are different means of communicating in this world. People communicate in sign language when they are in a new place where they do not know the language. People also communicate through their body language. The most important methods of communication are oral communication and also written communication. Each of these types of communication has its own advantages and also disadvantages.

The advantages and disadvantages of the different types of communication actually depends on the context of the communication. In a formal communication, there should primarily be a written communication. This is the usual norm in all industries and organizations. In a informal communication like what transpires on friendly terms, oral communication will be the best method of communication. Whatever be the reason for communication, there are a few advantages that are associated with oral communication over written communication. This article lists the various advantages of oral communication.

The advantages of oral communication are:

1. Saves time:

In a situation where time is of essence, oral communication will be the best even if it is an oral communication. This is especially true in situations where split second decisions have to be made in the workplace. The authorities may just give an oral communication. This has to be obeyed by the subordinate who is carrying out the activity. There may be no time for the written order to be signed and passed on to the person doing the job.

2. Face to face:

When two people communicate in an office, face to face communication will be a lot more personal in nature. There may be a communication between a manager and a person who is being laid off from work. A personal face to face communication will at least try to take away the sting from the lay off. If the same person was given a written communication, it may be more difficult for the person to digest the loss of job.

3. Oral communication can be recorded:

Due to the various advantages in the electronic and communication devices, an oral communication can be recorded either as a voice message or even as a video recording. This communication can be used from time to time in different places.

4. Oral communication does not need writing skills:

Written communication needs the person who is communicating to have language skills and also writing skills as it will be a record of the communication. In oral communication, the person does not need any formal writing skills to get the message across to the people who are receiving the communication.

5. Oral communication can be on the spot:

Written communication has the disadvantage in the fact that there should be at least a paper and pen for written communication. In oral communication, there does not need to be any such things and it can be on the spot. Oral communication can be spontaneous unlike the written communication.

These are the many advantages of oral communication over the written form of communication. Oral communication can be more personal than written communication. This is the most important aspect of oral communication.

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