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Addressing the problem of obesity in children

BY: SEdwin | Category: Family | Post Date: 2010-02-20

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The number of children who are obese is increasing at an alarming rate. The factors that mainly cause the obesity in these children are the various lifestyle changes that are occurring in the person and also the increased consumption of various processed foods that contain less nutrition to the person, but contains more of calories that cause the child to become obese. The problem of obesity in children will cause an increase in various diseases like diabetes, hypertension, increased cholesterol and increased risk of cardiovascular problems as these kids grow into adults. This is the need for the world and the parents in particular to address the problem of obesity in children

Managing and treating childhood obesity:

1. Changes in diet:

The diet changes in the child are very important. The child should be made to consume less of the calorie rich foods that are seen in abundance in the various markets. These processed foods contain a lot of calories that cause the child to become obese at a very fast pace. Instead of these calorie rich foods, the child should be made to consume fruits and vegetables, whole grains that are not processed. This causes the child to have a healthy diet that reduces the number of calories consumed and also the obesity.

2. Increased physical activity:

The child should be made to increase the physical activity. This will make it easy for the child to decrease the weight that has been gained. The reason for this is that the obesity is usually caused by decreased exercise which leads to decreased calorie expenditure and also consumption of excess calories. This can be addressed by decreasing the amount of calories that are consumed and also by increasing the physical activity that causes the expenditure of increased amount of calories.

3. Breastfeeding in infancy:

The number of children who were breastfed for a longer period of time are the ones who have a healthy lifestyle and they have a decreased chance of obesity as they grow. This makes it important for mothers to breastfeed the child for as long as possible to prevent childhood obesity.

4. Television viewing:

The modern life has changed so much that the child these days spends much more time indoor than the time spent out in the garden. The children are either glued to the television or to the computer monitor playing video games and watching television programs. This changes in their life has also caused the child to have an increased risk of obesity.

5. Parents as role models:

The parents of the children who are obese should be the role models for their children to have a healthy lifestyle. The children should look at the activities of their parents and change their lifestyle too. The parents should try to increase their physical activities and decrease their calorie consumption for their children to follow them.

These are the various methods that can be used to make sure that the children who are obese are able to reduce their obesity and lead a healthy life.

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