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BY: MEENA | Category: Women | Post Date: 2009-11-23

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We talk of equality for women. There are many organizations which work towards the development of women. But how far are they successful? Is it not high time to think about all these seriously?It is not a big work if all of us join hands to make something remarkable happen. But, are we ready to do it? If so, why do we lag behind? Is it fear or shyness?are we talking of equality of women in developing or under-developed countries alone? what about in developed countries? Are they the same as men?

Today, when we look around the world is not the same. There is remarkable changes in all spheres of life. We find also women in all walks of life, doing the same works as that of men. But, a question lingers in our minds. Are they enjoying the same freedom as that of men? Well, as far as education is concerned, most of the countries insist on education for women. No more the women are considered as weaker sex. So, in some countries women take part actively in defense forces also. This implies, that the women are no more considered as physically weaker than men.

But, don't you feel that it is high time to see the other side of their life. When we read a newspaper or lay our hands on a magazine, almost every publication has got something to talk about the atrocities that is happening to women around us. either we are unaware of it or we are just silent onlookers.But why? The other day, i was traveling in a crowded bus and i happened to see a man misbehaving with a small girl. She was a silently tolerating it. what was the reason? Maybe she was afraid of raising a voice against a man, fearing the consequences or maybe she knew none would support her or too shy to do it? What ever it is, something has to be done to put a full stop to all these.

No country can claim to be a developed one unless it takes care of giving full security to women so as to enable them to move about freely at any part of the day. It is really sad and heart-breaking to note that women are sexually exploited in work places, at homes also and sometimes by their own family members and in some cases by their father or brother himself. So, where are we moving to? what would be the end of all this? What measures have to be taken to make a change in this attitude in men who feel that women are nothing other than a piece of thing for enjoyment?

First, our law and order has to take care of all this. Culprits should be punished even if he is a big shot in the society. Nothing should blind-fold the decision makers of law. Next, the victim should be ready to come out to the public and point out the culprit. She shouldn't fear or feel shy of what has happened. She should bear in mind that by boldly expressing herself , she is creating a securing among her other fellow sisters. Because, once a culprit is pin-pointed and punished for his crime, it would be a lesson for others also and nine would dare to do this again.

So, finally i would say that, women shouldn't fear and if at all anything bad happens to them , they should shirk back instead should be bold enough to continue with their lives more daringly.

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Are women treated equally
i fully agree with the author that we women should fight back at any cost and to whosoever it is. and show them that we are not a weaker sex in society.
pooja singh 2010-02-08

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