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A happy life possible ?

BY: SREENIVAS | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2009-12-25

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Is a happy life possible amidst of grief, boredom and problems of daily life ? Even though the criteria for happiness is different for each individual, a thorough introspection will help us to find out the reasons for unhappiness and how to bring happiness and joy in daily life.

For this exercise, the first activity is to find out what are the sources of unhappiness in the life of most of the people in this lovely planet. Here comes the importance of recognizing our rights and needs and how to give prominence to them ? We always forget the fact that we have an animal heritage and we are nothing but human animals with a higher reasoning, intellectual and emotional capabilities compared to other animals. So we have certain basic instincts which needs to be satisfied to lead a happy life. But the fact is that these basic needs are always halted by our conventional belief systems and religious dogmas. They have told us that spiritual exhortation and education are the means to attain happiness and success in life but the question is the kind of spirituality we posses and the kind of education system that is prevalent in this society are not capable of leading us through the right path and often it misleads us in daily life.

For example, education is directed towards an enhancement of worldly success. Its purpose is definitely to not make us fit to play a part in the betterment of society or betterment of our own life. On the other hand, it instills fear and anxiety about life and the universe in general. Fear is natural and inevitable. But to counter it, we need to attain the right kind of knowledge and apply logic and reasoning power into it. We shall consider mind chiefly as conscious knowledge and intelligence, as what we know and our attitude towards it-our disposition to increase our information, classify it, criticize it, and apply it. But the fact is that few of us take the pains to study the origin of our cherished convictions. Indeed, we have a natural repugnance to so doing. We like to continue our present belief systems even though we are convinced that we were wrong, and we seek every manner of excuse for clinging to them. It will become apparent as we proceed that the fact that an idea is ancient and that it has been widely received is no argument in its favor, but should immediately suggest the necessity of carefully testing it as a probable instance of rationalization. So it is important that we recognize our needs and instincts and try to achieve them even at the cost of challenging our false belief systems and practices. The first step towards this objective is to eradicate the current way of thought patterns and replace it with a mind which is structured by logic, power of discrimination and a little bit of sensitivity towards the outer world. There were great human beings in the past who tried to mould this kind of a mind which they thought inevitable for the development of a happy individual. For example, Descartes urged us to seek the truth by questioning everything at least once in our lives. For the progress of science also, a certain amount of intellectual liberty is a necessity. What happens presently is that the progress of science and its application in day to day life is restraint by conventional thoughts and illogical religious principles by which it rapidly becomes stereotyped and dead. Most of the times, the reason for our unhappiness is largely due to mistaken views of the world, mistaken ethics, mistaken habits of life, leading to the destruction of that natural zest and appetite for life.

Understanding the basic reason for unhappiness, a man who wants to lead a happy life should be ready to look outward and understand the problems of other fellow human beings and the world in general and actively indulge in those affairs in whatever way he or she can to make find a solution for those issues. On the other hand, if we lead a life of the introvert, if we keep ourselves in isolation will eventually make us believe that our problems are the most important in this world and we are in deep trouble. Even though attitude can change the way we think about life in general, it is important that we recognize the problems, and try to change the circumstances we live in. Boredom in life can be removed by bringing more excitement to life in a daily basis and creating exciting moments which we can remember for ever. There is no hard and fast rule that we should live in the present only, but a true life is depend on memories of the past, a little bit of planning for the future and doing what we enjoy in life. Most of the people start their life with certain prejudices about the future like they should get such and such educational qualifications, they should get married in an age of their choice and they should be able to achieve materials things like car, bungalow at definite point of time in their life. This kind of a prejudice formation is very dangerous in life and the fact that we do not have any control over the future makes most of our plans in jeopardy. We need to be very flexible and versatile in life so that we can accept whatever happens in life and change our convictions about future from time to time.

As the great Bertrand Russell pointed out, the urge to love and the urge to acquire knowledge are the two most important things that we should posses throughout life if we aspire a happy life. Apart from this we should be sensitive to the outer world and humanity in general and our efforts to contribute for the progress of humanity will give us satisfaction and eternal happiness. And true spirituality is nothing other than this passionate way of living.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: I am a consultant in IBM India , and actively pursuing reading and writing. My writings are a product of the thoughts from the books which I read and my thoughts upon that.

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