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7 important activities for a healthy life

BY: SEdwin | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2010-02-18

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Health is an important factor that has to be considered by each and every one of us. The fact that many of us are healthy is because we are not very inactive. Inactivity is one of the worst things possible and it can cause a person to have various diseases. When a person is not too active, then the person starts to add calories to the body.

These calories are then stored as fat deposits that cause the person to become obese. The obesity can cause various diseases like cardio vascular problems, diabetes, increased blood pressure which can attenuate certain other diseases and can be fatal in many people.

There are a few amazing methods of making sure that the person has a healthy life. This article provides 7 activities that when done or not done can lead to good and healthy life.

1. Walk every day:

Walking makes sure that the person loses at least about 300 to 500 calories each day. The amount of calories that is lost depends on the speed with which the person is walking. It also depends on the distance the person walks.

2. Yoga and meditation:

Yoga and meditation are the methods by which an individual can de stress the body. Yoga helps to make sure that the body is flexible. It also makes the muscles to stretch and relaxes the body. Meditation helps to make the person to relax in the mind. Both these activities make the person to be relaxed and healthy.

3. Caffeine and sugar:

Drinking tea and coffee is not really good for health, especially if you drink these with sugar in it. The reason for this is that the person who drinks tea and coffee with sugar in it is taking both caffeine and also sugar, both of which are not very good for the health of the person.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables:

Eating more fruits and vegetables are much more important in making sure that the person has a healthy life. Cutting down on processed foods and also foods rich in calories will make the person to have a healthy life.

5. Take the steps instead of the elevator:

Many people try not to walk too much and they try various methods of reducing their physical exertion. This is a very unhealthy practice. As a person who wants to be healthy, try to take the steps instead of the elevator. This will help you to shed some or most if the calories that were consumed. This is sure to make the person healthier.

6. Cut down junk foods:

The individual wanting to reduce the calories and also be healthy should cut down drastically on the junk foods that are consumed. There are many people who eat a lot of junk foods and still think they can reduce their weight. This does not happen. The reason for this is that junk foods have more calories and they are usually fried in oil.

7. Smoking:

Reducing the number of cigarettes that are being smoked will ensure good health. Completely stopping smoking is the best method of being healthy because there are a lot of diseases that can be cause by smoking.

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