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5 things in India that are World Class.

BY: Abhi | Category: India | Post Date: 2009-12-19

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On numerous occasions India, the largest democracy of the world, has proved to be a potential superpower. In case you have little hesitance as to what that means, this would give a fair amount of idea: USA and EU are at present the biggest superpowers of the world. What that implies is that despite its ‘developing nation tag, the day isn't far off when India climbs to the zenith eventually. On that note, let's look at a few things that are world-class in India.

IIT - As we all know, education is the backbone of a society and for this very reason, unless proper cradles of edification are available, a nation is not generally considered potent. The Indian Institutes of Technology are the pride of the nation's educational front, and to certify the credibility of these institutes, let's state that the IIT is the first and only Indian institute to feature in the list of ‘top 200 Institutes/Universities of the world'. The IIT which has fifteen branches at the moment throughout the nation is declared by the parliament as institutes of national importance. The HRD Ministry's decision to create a few more is fair, since the best things that one has should be highlighted and promoted. Also, in the vision of India is the probability of setting up IIT's outside India in different parts of the globe. Cheers to Mr. Sibal.

GDP - Can economy be far behind when a nation's advancement is being talked? For obvious reasons, No. India's phenomenal rise of Gross Domestic Product in the July-Sept quarter of 2009 was historic. This was reportedly India's biggest achievement in economy. The nation is believed to be one of the major strong economies of the world. USA commented that India could be the largest contributor to recovery of the global downturn. Hence, Pranab Mukherjee sees India through to the global scenario. Experts of the field say India will become the third highest economy by 2020. Here's hoping that doesn't go unproven.

National cricket team - India's cricket team currently led by M.S Dhoni stands tall at the number one spot in Test rankings, and only behind one team in the ODI rankings. India also has the recognition of winning the only T 20 world cup that has taken place. At least four cricketers from India on an average feature constantly in the world batsmen rankings. Sachin Tendulkar, is considered the modern day God of world cricket. A sport, it is known, is the oldest competition in the world, and that has gone on to become elements of national pride today. Cricket is one of the top three most popular sports of the world, and India reigning supreme in that really makes it a thing to cherish. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), is the richest cricket board of the world. ICC makes it a point not to mess with BCCI, and nothing more on that is required to assert that India's cricket front is world class.

Media - The fourth estate of a nation is what the media persons are called, great personalities including Jawaharlal Nehru had said he would have preferred a country without government than a nation without journalists. No doubt as to what role journalists play in educating a nation, and unless the mass is aware about what is happening in the world and in one's own nation, a country is never going to grow. India's newspaper market is the second largest in the world, and in terms of the number of broadcasting stations, India ranks 8th even ahead of UK.Almost 100 million copies of newspapers are circulated throughout India according to the 2007 statistics. Also, the Indian media is one of the oldest in the universe, though the credit of founding the press in India goes to J.A. Hickey who's a non-Indian. All India Radio, which is an autonomous radio broadcaster under the government of India, is one of the largest in the world too.

Bollywood - Entertainment cannot be overlooked when the overall progress is concerned, reason enough for Bollywood to be included in the list. A parallel reason is although the fact that no other thing is capable of making the cut. Nonetheless, Bollywood, which is only second to Hollywood in terms of popularity, is making business big time. Bollywood is traveling to the world, crores are spent on a movie, Bollywood products are bringing home Oscar's. What more can one expect? Money wise (ticket sales only), India's entertainment/movie industry stands first! Bollywood movies reportedly earns 100 $ million per year in USA alone. Germany, France, Scandinavia, Africa, EU, all have acclaimed the films of Bollywood. Hollywood directors have expressed desires to work with Indian actors, vice versa. Hence, Bollywood is earning the world class tag faster than any other aspect of India. Cheerio!
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