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10 evergreen surprise ideas - Nice ideas to give a surprise gift

BY: thinktank | Category: Family | Post Date: 2008-07-30

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So you have been waiting for this day to come.. you really wanna make this day special for him/her..But you are looking for that special idea.. that special thing that your special one has never witnessed before.

Trust me, great surprises do not always require a lot of money. All the effort that you put in is what counts. And no wonder, a well planned surprise like these would make the day really special.

And here my friend, here, you ARE gonna find it.

Be it a friend's farewell, your anniversary, valentine's day, parents anniversary, ANYTHING, these ideas can be put to good use.

General gift ideas:

1. Make a movie

Don't all of us like being STARS?
Well, making a powerpoint presentation or windows moviemaker movie of photos, collage, videos and other stuff is an awesome gift for someone special.
Do not forget to add apt music to it, it adds a lot of glamour to it. And there are applications like picassa (can be downloaded for free. just google for it) which are great for editing or adding effects to your videos.
Adding old, black and white pictures and contrasting them with new ones is a nice thing to do. The easiest way of converting your old pictures to digital form is clicking a picture of it from your digital camera, though scanning is an option too.

2. Count the years

Say its a birthday, you can have a small gift marking each birthday. This one is really fun because you actuallt relive all the years that you have lived!

And yes, do not forget to have the gifts spread out over the day. Basically, opening all the gifts should be total fun for the person. So add all your creativity and make it really cool.

3. Radio/ CD/ cassette

Now this one's for someone REALLY special. Record an audio CD in your voice, interspersed with songs(maybe sung by you if u if u can sing, or trick this special person into singing and record it! n ofcourse you can play music form albums).
You can make it in Radio format too, and make it sound like its a radio programme. You can even have innovative funny ads (or extremely romantic!).

This is something that will require a lot of time and creativity. But its the perfect gift to give to your girlfriend/boyfriend, parents on their 50th anniversary, or an old friend you are giving a farewell to.

4. A diary/ letter

You can always fill a diary with a your words, provided you have enough to say.
Actually, this one's good for a couple, when given by a third person. Make each one person fill the diary for the other and do not let them know that they'll be getting it too!
But if you cannot fill a diary, a hand written letter in these days means a lot. just make it special with a poem or a rose and it'd work wonders!

5. Calender

Get along a few great pictures and design a calender for you special one!
You can mark out all friend's birthdays(if its for a friend) or mark out all the special days you've had together( like the day you proposed, the day you met, etc. if it's for date special someone).. Get it printed on nice glossy paper and get it bound, and trust me, this one's a really memorable one! It stays right in front of their eyes, and the additional advantage is they don't forget special days!

6. Self autographed Goody mug

All you need for this is a plain coffee mug. It's gonna be autographed by you!
Fill the mug with small gifts, stuff like jewellery for your girlfriend, keyring, chocolates, and the best part( i love this one) - fresh rose petals! You can also put in small slips of paper with small, memorable things written on them, rolled and tied with threads. Make them in different colours. This one makes the person who's opening it feel really special.

7. Signed T-shirt

This one has been around for quite long, but still, it is a lot of fun.. Get a plain T-shirt, and get it signed by all your friends. It works as a great farewell gift from a group, but can be given on birthdays too.

8. Sketch

These days, there are machines from which you can sketch people, and there are people who can sketch people. Gifting your special one his/her sketch is a really nice thing to do. You can also give a sketch to your parents on their anniversary, they'll be touched

9. Poster

You can make a collage of pictures of friends, old and new moments and get it framed. Serves the purpose very well and is treasured always.

10.Get a card signed by friends

Well, a cards are a tradition and that's because they do work wonders. And you can make it even more wonderful by getting it signed by all the people this person knows. you can contact people who are not around and ask them to send pictures of messages handwritten by them. You just have to get it printed and paste it, and there you go, you have "handwritten"wishes from people near and far!

And watch out, keeping the secret in this case is the greatest task!

This is it. I hope these ideas make a lot of special days even more special and memorable. Cheers!

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: Astha garg, student of chemical engineering, IIT Bombay

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Wow! That was very useful! My friend is going to love me for this!
Anne 2009-09-04

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