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Most Recent Articles:
  • Author Photo Physical Toys and Digital Games    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    The discussion is made on physical toys and digital games. A trend was discussed, that migrates from real world experience to the experience of digital world, so as to make more reality and user friendly. >> Category: Technology
  • Author Photo IoT Based Smart Apps    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    Major problems for IoT big-data analytics are discussed here along with other effective proposals. IoT Apps means - Internet of Things Applications. >> Category: Technology
  • No Photo Benefits of Using a Property Management Company    By: Guest User

    Hiring a property management company adds significant value to your investment. This is one of the reasons why seasoned real estate investors hire property management firms. >> Category: Real Estate
  • Author Photo You're Debt to God    By: Jose Martell

    We all have debts, it's what makes life possible. In the world if you don't pay your debts you could lose your house, car, furnishings, and even sent to prison. How is it that the debt we have with our Creator is taken so lightly. when it is the most dangerous debt of all. >> Category: Religion
  • No Photo How to Pursue Nursing Career in India    By: Dave Information

    Are you a student who is interested in a nursing career in India? If you would like to start working as a nurse in India, there are some simple steps that you can follow. This article provides you with the details as to the methods of pursuing a nursing career. >> Category: Health
  • Author Photo Jesus Christ the Healer    By: Jose Martell

    Just because you feel something or think those thoughts coming into your mind are yours, think again. If those thoughts do not line up with the word of God or are not a pattern of your life, they might be coming from the dark realm and have some evil spirit behind them. >> Category: Religion
  • Author Photo Successful Time Management    By: Bindu Bharathi

    'Successful Time Management' is the relevant topic in everybody's life, because if you are able to manage your time properly, you are also able to manage your life. Through this article the author requesting to the people to use your time effectively and efficiently. So you can achieve your life goals. Time is a valuable and scarce resource for every one, which is often underutilized or misused by the people. Time is infinite and cannot be stored. We cannot stop the clock but we definitely can optimize the use of time through proper planning and organization. >> Category: Self-Improvement
  • Author Photo Real Sufferings and Experiences of Oncology Patients    By: Bindu Bharathi

    I would like to share some of the experiences with the cancer or oncology patients, because this was heart touching and unforgettable experiences of me. I pray to the god this type of problems never ever happen to anybody. I request you to, if you have time you just visit any of the Cancer Institutions and see the real sufferings of the patients and their family members. >> Category: Health
  • Author Photo Favourability of Processed Food    By: Juri Sharma

    This article is written just to make us aware about the different health impact that the body can have by using different processed food items. The best way is to maintain a balance between naturally found food and processed food in our daily routine. >> Category: Health
  • Author Photo REUNION - A Short Story    By: kishore thampi

    It was a beautiful day, bright and sunny. I just looked outside the window and saw people traipsing around in their morning delirium, conjuring up in their minds the deeds for the day. The newspaper lay all scattered, thanks to the misgivings of an irate and obnoxious boy who seems to be in a perpetual hurry >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Victims of Alcoholism    By: Bindu Bharathi

    This is the real story of my brother. I would like to share this real life experiences to all because this type of incidence never ever happen in any body's life. >> Category: Writing
  • Author Photo Poem: THE NIGHT QUEEN    By: Jacintha Morris

    There is a pretty huge white coloured flower which wafts exotic fragrance and blooms only at night and fades off at day time. Hence many have not seen or enjoyed this rare vision. They call it by many names and Night Queen is one. There is a superstition too it brings luck to one who views its bloom >> Category: Writing
  • No Photo The Unconcious Mind in Working with Pit Bulls    By: Kevin Rottweiler

    when working with Pit Bulls, one should train their unconscious mind >> Category: Pets
  • No Photo Economic Climate Change    By: Bob Ticer

    This article is about an idea promoting a positive economic effect for climate change in addition to the carbon tax that has recently been claimed to ensure jobs and prosperity. >> Category: Politics
  • No Photo She Wished She Had An Affair    By: Navneet Kaur

    This is about the feelings of a girl who moves from her home to a very new atmosphere of a hostel in a big city and finds herself among the young girls their. They have a different life from her because they are in relationships. With them often she feels more lonely than ever. >> Category: Writing
  • No Photo Is it Homework or Homeschooling?    By: Timothy G. Weih

    Homework remains a very hot topic, even being addressed on national news programs. Advocates for homework claim that it's necessary in order for children to keep up with other countries. Due to the recent emphasis on standardized tests, many schools have added test-prep practice to be done at home. Still some advocates hold the notion that homework is a means for making children into high achievers. On the other hand are those arguing against homework, or to be specific, too much homework for young children. Those in this camp hold that elementary children could develop a dislike for school and have mental health problems due to stressing over homework. In addition, the argument has been made that homework interferes with family time and the free time that young children need to develop extracurricular skills in sports and the arts. >> Category: Education
  • No Photo The Relativity of Newtonian Gravity    By: Bob Ticer

    Apart from the mathematics, a theory of the universe for the unification of gravity and electrodynamics is given with regard to intricate details, as variables usually masked by the simplification of higher math. >> Category: Others
  • No Photo Homework and the Defiant Child: A Parent's Guide    By: Timothy G. Weih

    There is a lot of controversy over homework these days and many times parents and children are caught in the confusion as to how to manage homework. There are numerous guides that have been published for helping parents handle homework with their children. But the problem area that many parent guides do not cover is how to approach homework with the defiant child: the child that fights homework, struggles at school, and does everything he can to subvert the whole process. This present guide is meant to help parents and children through those difficult times. >> Category: Education
  • No Photo From a Mother's Eyes    By: Navneet Kaur

    Mother's bond with her child is hard to be defined in words. A mother's love knows no boundations. Only she can feel the joy that she experiences when she looks at the smiling faces of her children. And she is ready to do anything to keep those faces smiling. >> Category: Women
  • Author Photo Short Story: What Happened to Saraswathy    By: Jacintha Morris

    sometimes weird happenings lie inscribed in our minds. such an incident rose up after 35 years creating this short story >> Category: Writing
  • Author Photo Short Story: Tiny Fists Breaks Wall    By: Jacintha Morris

    How deep is a mother's love is for her child. The Chemistry which binds it is narrated in a very simple way through this short story >> Category: Writing
  • No Photo My Close Shave With Jezebel    By: Richard Imhoagene

    Did I almost meet my doom? Guess I did. I can't explain why I still feel the way I do though. Could I truly be in love with a devil? I hope you can help me figure it out as you read this breath-taking confessional piece... >> Category: Issues
  • Author Photo Short Story : SILENT ONES TO SILENCE    By: Jacintha Morris

    Being alone is looked down as loneliness. But what if being alone is considered as bliss and the bliss is disrupted with the visit of the dear ones >> Category: Writing
  • Author Photo Life and Family    By: Jacintha Morris

    Life and Family are two important elements in the earth. We can opt which ever kind of life we wish to live once we attain the age of selecting it. We can live back an impact of goodness or notoriety as we wish. And family is infact another complex group. A combination of two opposite sex of two different family uniting together to create a new one. >> Category: Relationships
  • No Photo Why is Wheeler Insurance Renewal Important and Beneficial?    By: Jessica Kappor

    A two wheeler insurance policy involves a lot of benefits and protects the biker as well as the bike when an unexpected tragedy occurs. Find out more about two wheeler insurance policy here. >> Category: Finance
  • No Photo How Can You Lose Weight?    By: Haripriya Munipalli

    The role of dieting, physical exercise and yogasanas in losing body weight is discussed here. >> Category: Health
  • No Photo She is Still With Me..    By: Priya Doraisami

    'When you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.' - A mother's love which cannot defined in any language. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Can Self Talking be a Healthy Practise?    By: Juri Sharma

    This article tries to explore the various means by which one can develop positive thinking, an appropriate mind frame through healthy practises of self talking. >> Category: Health
  • No Photo The Science for Shooting Pool    By: Bob Ticer

    Physics seems to have no practical use for the common person. Its application to pool shooting illustrates otherwise. >> Category: Sports
  • No Photo The Light Energy of Force    By: Bob Ticer

    The concept of energy has a long historical development. Newton intuitively referred to it as force. How force is a form of energy is here explained. How it provides a causal explanation of gravity is also explained. >> Category: Others
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