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Most Recent Articles:
  • Author Photo POEM: Good Friday Poem    By: Jacintha Morris

    It is already inscribed in the scriptures that those who want to follow the path of righteousness should forsake everything and follow with the cross. All carry cross of different kind, though it is invincible many are induced ones which could have been avoided. In this poem written specially for Good Friday, different experiences in bearing cross is narrated. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo The Spirit of Religion - Part 2    By: Jose Martell

    Those who put idols before their eyes and in their hearts have no loyalty to any one God. >> Category: Religion
  • Author Photo The Spirit of Religion - Part 1    By: Jose Martell

    Many feel very comfortable with their one hour Sunday service. Others read an hour a day and pray very precise and timely prayers but never hear Gods voice. This makes them feel more at ease with this God who they cannot see. But is this all their is to having a relationship with the Master of the Universe? >> Category: Religion
  • Author Photo POEM: The Golden Gift    By: Jacintha Morris

    My Fiftieth Birthday was celebrated with colours. Distant calls, Messages, Crowding colloquies and children filled the day. Finally at dusk when I sat down to reminiscence the day's event an astonishing thing happened which made me write this poem. I want the readers to experience the feel. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Beginning of a New Religious Politics Out of Politics    By: Devvratt Charan

    Moktada Al-Sadr resigned from politics and also clinched his hands from his party headed by him leaving his ministers in dilemma. This resignation is dedicated to a religious politics free of politics. What are the consequences that are going to be seen from this cutting off of him as elections are very close and he might give away power to people he is opposing which will also harm his efforts. >> Category: Politics
  • Author Photo Perks of Having Fibre Food    By: Juri Sharma

    The article discusses the different health benefits of fibre food, various types of fibres found in variety of food and daily quantity of intake. >> Category: Health
  • Author Photo The Waking-Up of India's Middle Class    By: Marty Savarick

    The voice of the emerging middle class is being heard loud and clear in India. Please follow along as I review the fairly recent history of their rise to prominence. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo The Debt Owed to Milennials    By: Jade Azim

    Young people are often scapegoated. Is it justified? >> Category: Politics
  • Author Photo POEM: Is Suzainna a Sinner?    By: Jacintha Morris

    Often we have heard and seen people remark about the changes that incurs in people. some become good and some turn out to be astonishingly bad. A silent one turns to be noisy and an extrovert may become completely introvert, leaving all of us to guess the reason for the transformation. >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Needing a Better Way to Educate Our Children    By: Marty Savarick

    India's progress in education is on the upswing, but additional involvement by the best and brightest educators will enable greater advancement. >> Category: Education
  • Author Photo Phenomenal Natural Herbal Remedies Found Around the World    By: Marty Savarick

    There's new medical news that hasn't been properly disseminated to the worlds population. Some of it refers to new natural cures for some cancers and other diseases. The world is finally beginning to realize that natural, locally grown food without pesticides is the healthiest way to eat and live longer. >> Category: Health
  • Author Photo Social Media Effectiveness Vs. Conventional Advertising    By: Marty Savarick

    I use personal memories to compare conventional advertising to the amazing low cost (FREE) of using the Internet to advertise >> Category: Sales-Marketing
  • Author Photo Global Warming - Causes and Effects    By: Bindu Bharathi

    Global warming is the most challenging problem faced by the people. Directly or indirectly we all are responsible for this issue. Ozone layer depletion is the most common reason for this problem. Ozone layer will act as an umbrella, and it will protect us from direct sun light and from different types of radiation. Another reason is that increased concentration of Green House Gases in the atmosphere, so it may leads to increase in atmospheric temperature. If the temperature is increasing dramatically; it may dangerously affect the lives of plants and animals, especially on mankind. Therefore we all will work together to protect and preserve our nation from global warming. Author: Bindu Bharathi MSN, BSN, RN, RM. Lecturer, Faculty of Nursing, Northern Border University, Saudi Arabia. >> Category: Health
  • Author Photo POEM: SONG UNHEARD    By: Jacintha Morris

    This poem pictures the life of a virgin woman who was burdened with the responsibility of a family when she was a child as couldn't get the care of her parent as her mother passed away leaving behind twin baby boys to be taken care and the father a sick person. she pours out her sorrows as songs and she has got a beautiful voice but none to hear it or uplift as they live in the outskirts illegally >> Category: Others
  • No Photo Altruism or Prosocial Behavior?    By: Mariami Ghreuli

    Here you can see my opinion about altruism: does it exist by itself or is it the same as prosocial behavior. >> Category: Others
  • No Photo An Olympics in Russia: Who Said This Was a Good Idea?    By: Alex Gordon

    Comparing Moscow 1980 and Sochi 2014. Putin's ambition to promote the Sochi Games as a way of highlighting Russia's global role is not dissimilar to the Games of 1980. >> Category: Sports
  • No Photo Riding Amtrak Overnight Trains    By: John Leemhuis

    Amtrak overnight trains cater to a group of people, who have an understanding of what to expect when riding. This article is from one rider to the potential rider not familiar with riding the trains. >> Category: Travel
  • No Photo Begin Exercising to Lose Weight    By: John Leemhuis

    Contains information for the overweight person, who wants to start an exercise routine, to lose weight. >> Category: Health
  • No Photo The Orange Dots    By: Carol Coleman

    A baseball player has a strange and funny hallucination after being hit by a ball. >> Category: Writing
  • Author Photo Self Image: How Do I Perceive Myself?    By: Juri Sharma

    This article is an attempt to the understand the meaning of 'self image', its positive and negative side. It also discusses the importance of self image in one's life, its impact on one's success, failures and happiness. >> Category: Health
  • Author Photo Dedicated Teacher    By: Bindu Bharathi

    ABSTRACT Teacher is the role model for the students. Always teacher can understand the students and show concerns and love to them. If you are doing like this, the students will love you. Now a days the value of education is deteriorating and students are not respecting the teachers. Ethical principles are losing from both teachers and the students. As a teacher help them to develop good character. So as a dedicated teacher you can motivate the students and mould them to become a responsible citizen. The dedicated teachers are committing and devote oneself to a particular cause. An ideal teacher is an exemplary towards her students, peers, employer, clients and others come in contact with her. This article is dedicated to my beloved teachers; those who are encouraged inspired and supported me in all my endower. Author: Mrs. Bindu Bharathi, Lecturer, Faculty of Nursing, Northern Border University, Saudi Arabia. >> Category: Education
  • Author Photo May I Help You?    By: kishore thampi

    The present day world belongs to the Generation Z. Our future lies in the hands of these young minds and we can make it secure only by making them competent enough to be the harbingers of the change that we wish to see. When they have the requisite expertise and knowledge in their kitty, they can confidently face any challenges that life poses. >> Category: Others
  • No Photo Referendum on AFSPA in Kashmir    By: Siddhartha Suripunj

    Political taboo - We all know it by heart that Kashmir is an integral part of India, thanks to the repeated reminders by our different political parties- new, old, secular, communal and other. But what is beyond that? >> Category: NoAd
  • No Photo Is India Still a Developing Country!    By: Calvin Price

    Is India still a developing country! - This is something that runs in everyone's mind each time something is forced upon someone. As per today in various fields of work the country has made an effort of development but still certain areas lack a kind of irresponsibility from the government. A normal citizen of the country till the very day is still struggling out their lives day to day fighting >> Category: Others
  • Author Photo Article 377 (Skies Belong to Others) | POEM    By: Sreekumar K

    This is a poem about two men falling in love with each other and comments on some of the currents intolerance in our society >> Category: Men
  • Author Photo A Prayer: God Always Listens | POEM    By: Sreekumar K

    This is a poem which was inspired by my own life, its ups and downs and mostly downs >> Category: Religion
  • Author Photo Last Words of a Dead Language | POEM    By: Sreekumar K

    The Bo language, Aka-Bo (also known as Ba), is an extinct Great Andamanese language. It was spoken on the west central coast of North Andaman and on North Reef Island of the Andaman Islands in India. The Aka- at the beginning of the language name is a common Great Andamanese prefix for words related to the tongue, which includes language. Boa Sr., the last person who remembered any Bo, died on 26 January 2010, at the age of approximately 85. >> Category: Writing
  • Author Photo Intolerance: Story For a Movie    By: Sreekumar K

    This is based on a real life incident in which a wife who thought she was being cheated prayed for the death of her husband's friend who was sick. We hate people even when we don't know people. >> Category: Writing
  • Author Photo Burnout Syndrome    By: Bindu Bharathi

    Stress is a subjective feeling, based on an individual perspective. What one individual finds stressful, another may not. Burnout is not simply excessive stress; rather, it is a complex human reaction to stress. Some of the professionals are having some sort of stress, ie good for their professional development, but it is moderate to severe it may affect all activities of the individual. If you have any types of stress please ventilate with your closed ones, otherwise it may lead to the development of burnout syndrome. Through this article the author aimed to prevent stress and burnout among nursing professionals. So the nurses can work efficiently and effectively in their profession. >> Category: Health
  • Author Photo POEM: Tales, Sea told Shore    By: Jacintha Morris

    Though the sea is rough, wide and fierce once it reaches the shore its sends silvery ripples as waves so gentle as though it has fallen in love with the shore. waves comes again and again to caress the shore and shares wonderful tales of the sea >> Category: Writing
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